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Mr.SNK inspired me to try out df.HK and let it rip on the opponent’s wakeup.
So I picked Ken since he’s always been rather annoying to me with his interesting reversals and I managed to have some fun in training mode.

Maybe not the most viable options you see here, but attempting to go for a trade (which is in your favor) on an unsuspecting player, is always welcome.
Also, sharing some spotlight to s.MK, a quite underrated Honda tool.


Does it work for Ryu’s ultra two?


EX buttslam always wins from Ryu’s Ultra 2


started uploading some matches to youtube gonna make it a regular thing from now on… shouted some of you guys out :slight_smile:


Started uploading some matches not long ago, figured I’d share with fellow Honda players. I’m hoping to do commentaries like you Robertson.


Haha, Rawbertson, the hatemails were gold


hey guys, been a minute… got 4 episodes now of my honda ranked battles. please check em out and subscribe if you like! thanks!

ep 2

ep 3

ep 4 (feat wolfkrone, ccg air, + brolylegs all A+ Ranked matches)


Some more Honda wake up game.


Episode 5 feat. dieminion + TS Sabin


Thanks for the uploads Mike, subscribed

Mr. SNK, i got a question: Did you OS the headbuttxxsuper on Guiles wakeup or was it just your godly reactions (like that U1 in the first round)


good job Mike Robertson. Whenever you can post more videos! I will follow


No, I just looked at his options on wake up, he could have either flashkicked Jumped or Ultra, Jab Headbutt beats two of those options. :smiley:


raw ranked ep 6


Robertson, where are you located? I’d like to run some mirrors if the connection permits.
I have PC and might be able to play on 360.


I live near Toronto, would definitely be down for some mirrors if the connection is decent. I am just on XBL right now, if that works… seems like everyone is migrating to PC these days. i will add you when i get home from work if your friends list isnt full



snk your friends list is full… i can probably get on a PC on Wednesday night EST from 6-11 as well, I can ask the dude who runs casuals if i can play on his account (shouldnt be a problem)

raw ranked ep 7 would like some feedback on my rufus matchups… in the matchup thread it says “you can MP headbutt to bait the cr fierce from rufus, then punish with EX headbutt”… I’m guessing that is old information because I cannot find any way to punish that. you don’t recover in time from the mp headbutt to start an EX. there is not enough recovery on rufus’ cr HP to punish it on block either… so im guessing that is just outdated or i am missing something. would love some help in this matchup, i need to study hoodaman vs wong more. i used the “fuzzy guard” tech gutabo came up with, works pretty good. jump back rh or fp seems to work well against ex messiah.


NOW IN HD!!! Raw Ranked EP 8 feat Smug, CCG Air + Lap Chi


Great stuff dude, i need your patience to win more


thanks for checkin em out, subscribing, and sharing. gonna keep em coming.

i still have lots to work on though. i just noticed when you super dudley you have to do the safe jump a little different. i want to get safe jumps, fake cross ups and OS’s down… that shit is so important. all that free pressure.