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Honda Ultra 1 after a focus backdash


Woa! That’s pretty sick!
Time to hit training mode, I just HAVE to make use of this since it looks damn cool!


I admit its not the most practical thing in the world, but vs dash straight happy balrogs I find it hard to resist doing it, and then have a “Yeah Yeah I am styling on you” look on my face lol! it does 40 less damage I believe without the second focus but it more than makes up with style points lol!!!


Awesome stuff, Ugo. I need to try it, too.


Me versus cammys. Please tell me what I did better against the better player chi rithy and what I did worse against the inferior player. These are a year apart so I hope its mostly improvements. I play octdave first.


heres a FT5 vs. a really good Oni, really close + exciting game


Sweatyshoulder - wow you play so different from me. I feel like you stand in really bad spacings but you definitely make them work. You dont turtle up as much as I do when knocked down, you seem to escape - maybe you take damage but at least you arent locked in a loop. this is where i always lose so much damage.

anyway as far as improvements the main things i noticed was you stopped focusing so much, and your execution got way better. the spacings you stay in are really deceiving and made chi rithy think he could go in for free and thne you would ex buttslam!


GG’s Rawbertson, excellent honda, you’re an American? Why not participate in the regional Championships? I’m sure you’d do very well! :slight_smile:


Watching sweatyshoulder, it feels like im watching lordvd. Very similar style and effective.


I am actually Canadian :wink: we only have maybe 1-2 majors a year in Ontario. I am going to compete in Toryuken in May. I am hoping there is something else on the East Coast (Maybe New york or Philly they are about 10 hrs away) during the summer. Would love to go to Evo but I don’t think I will have the money this year :frowning:


Wait a minute - you are actually Fuerte ? the Fuerte player that plays Honda ? Man, I’ve seen you at Civil War, you have a legit Honda. You should go to more tournaments, I like your Honda.

As for the videos, you are a better player than me, so I can’t tell you much, but 2 things: you should use far Hp more, I think you never used that normal at all. It’s a solid poke, a great shield to catch those who rush you down. Also, against Cammy I like to pick U2 - you can punish blocked drills and FADC FW, which is important. And U1 doesn’t have much use for me in this match…


It’s actually quite hard to punish a cannon strike from Cammy.
This is a frame advantage chart of Cammy.


(credits to Teyah for making the chart)[/details]

As you can see in this list she needs to be quite high and rather close for her to be punished by an U2 on block.
If I’m not mistaken, I thought Cammys do their spike a tiny bit closer to the ground when fighting Honda compared to fighting characters like shotos due to his height.
Also, if I’m not mistaken she gains a much higher amount of advantage (on hit or block) with her ex drill. (is it even possible to punish her drill with u2?)

Personally, I like to have Ultra 1 for punishing canon spikes on block and as an AA (maybe also to beat really high ambiguous cannon strikes by auto-correcting if that’s possible).
I personally find U2 to be so dangerous against her. Granted you can punish an fadc forward, but if she does an fadc backward for example and you did u2 (ouch 70frames recovery) then she can do her best jump in combos that do a lot of damage, stun and puts you in a really bad spot. Even if she could just ultra punish u2 on whiff, she can decide to keep it in the pocket in case she needs to punish a headbutt. Also, even if you read right in her backdashing by not doing u2, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to punish her, the most you get is that you’re free from pressure (which is pretty good).


Oh, I wasn’t reffering to her divekicks, I was talking about her spiral arrows (my mistake). You can punish a SA on block even if it’s spaced well. Cammy also likes do FADC FW a blocked SA, something that is also punishable by U2. I think this takes quite a bit of Cammy’s offensive potential.
You can also punish her regular divekick, but only the bad ones

One more thing about Cammy - the standard combo against her should be cr jab xx Hands - cr jab xx Hands: it does 232 dmg, so slightly better than the regular, and builds more meter.

Btw, Angerus, that chart is awesome


I use both ultras, depending on the cammy. if i get her neutral jumping a lot i will punish w u1 up close with the toast.

i found the best way to play vs. cammy last night - stay moving. MMS CMPunk always gives me a lot of trouble but i handled him last night real nice. i play against her like rufus, stay back and be very wary of spacing DO NOT get caught in a bad spot. use your mp headbutt sparingly but still utilize it to stop her from dashing in on you.

i used to use FP and MP headbutt a lot more in my B Rank days and then once i learned all the moves that punished it i almost stopped all together. like vs bison for example… was losing that match like crazy and i used to win it all the time.

last night i played a solid B+ bison and raped him by throwing out FP headbutts when he walked/dashed forward - he can’t punish it! even if he does its no damage (MP is actually a dead even trade when punished w/ scissors)

basically waht im tryin to say is dont stop doin stuff just cause its unsafe just be a bit smarter about it. huge lesson learned. i overcame that obstacle with wakeup pressure in the summer and just overcame with with headbutts last night.


Shittons of gameplay from me and some locals. Just weekly footage and some stuff from our big regional series totfc(top of the food chain).


LORD DVD playing Ultra Test at IVGC :

holdin it down! you guys play so different from how I do. he starts @ the second match around 3 minute mark, drops a sick U2 vs. a fei long. shows the weakness of double ultra (dont know why you’d pick double vs. fei long. would have won the match with regs u2) shows the better fr. advantage on EX Hands but still drops it :s


So I tried using Honda against my friends Zangief and this was how it played out. Comments and critiques on bad habits will be greatly appreciated


FT5 vs Sagat (bisonsautoshop)


FT5 vs Cammy (MMS CmPunk beating me down)




Here’s my match vs. XSK Samurai over the weekend at NCR2014.

We’ve played in tournament several times before, this is the first time I managed to take a win on him.