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@Disabel Haha, very well played! I like your c.HP usage. I was most surprised with the EX buttslam hitting Ryu out of his jump at the very end, also great reads and reactions vs his crossup tatsus.


That 3rd round oicho throw was sick!



Why U2?


Because I want to explore its possible set ups. Both known and ‘unknown.’ I know its an underused ultra.
but if you mean why ultra 2 against Blanka…I almost always pick U2 regardless of the match up. If I know it’ll be against a good shoto/chun li i’ll switch to U1, other than that i’ll pick U2.


btw, in case no one knew. Honda’s stomp(dfr hk) stuffs condor dive. crazy right? his stomp is pretty good.
I really wish his hp…his f. st hp didn’t convert to cl. st. hp.
there’s nothing particularly bad about hp…its just that it requires really strict timing as an anti-air and during online that’s a lot to risk. Rather just block than try as an anti-air when online.
I wish they removed it and just made his f. st. hp reverted back to how it was in SF2 where it worked so well as an anti-air.


a word of advice.
if you plan on doing commentary of your matches…its much better if you record your matches while in the act of actually playing instead of commenting on saved replays.
its more exciting and fun for your viewers to watch you play and to see and hear your emotions, frustrations, and joys of winning while recording live.
have you ever seen Kail?
if not, he’s got a great commentary uploads.


Fair enough, but I don’t think there’s a lot to explore regarding U2.
Instead of using U1 to punish all blanka balls on block, I suppose you can use U2 on Blanka by fadcing through his slide, sweep or c.hp and ultra him on his recovery.


yeah I wish thinking about c.hp anti-air dash in U2 but I was unfamiliar about if c.hp would work against his jump in hk. since that jump in hk is pretty good against normal anti-airs.
which is why I never tried to c.hp anti-air at the end of the 3rd round when I knew he would try to hk jump in pressure me.

the only things I can think of neutral jump>u2
jump in>u2
cross up>u2
stomp cancel>u2
I’ve tried buttslam>u2 but the recovery is too great. though it has worked once.
maybe cross over buttslam>u2? cross over just means I buttslam overshoot it. people may hit buttons to punish the overshoot.

can the 2nd hit of his close standing two hit hk meaty be canceled?


With c.hp, I meant absorbing Blanka’s crouching heavy punch with a focus attack, followed with a front dash.
Also, Honda’s U2 has a 1fr startup after the screen freeze. In other words, if you do it in the scenarios you brought up and your opponent didn’t press anything or is just blocking, they can/will always jump out of it by holding up on reaction.

No, only the 1st hit is super/focus cancellable

You can’t cancel stomp (df.HK) into ultra btw.


oh so its only command grab you can cancel stomp into.
hmmpf. I thought I could cancel into ultra. my bad.


oh so its only command grab you can cancel stomp into.
hmmpf. I thought I could cancel into ultra. my bad.


Here’s some footage of the #1 Honda in Arcades right now Muscle Kingdom. Haven’t seen anything else of him.


The EX Hundred Hands around the end of the video from pomham. I’m trying to get it down.



That 2nd round combo was sick. You could tell that Yun was like “Da fuq was that shit?” Jewelman, how hype were you when you hit that? :stuck_out_tongue:


so…I had some success with doing intentional whiff ex buttslam, landing a few cm away from the opponent and catching them with U2.
if you hit your opponent with ex buttslam you’ll never recover in time to do U2. but if you intentionally whiff it, the opponent will either hit buttons to try to punish your recovery or just remain on block, now with u2 hitbox being expanded further in Ultra, regardless it should work out more positively for U2 attempts. try it out.


@TheKingOfParody‌ That sounds like a terrible idea and I think you have it in reverse. EX buttslam (every buttslam for that matter) has 18 recovery frames upon landing. There’s no way any competent player will let you get away with that. Trying to do a random U2 after a blocked buttslam seems more likely to work since it can go from -2 to -3, and thus might catch reversal 3f throws, shorts or jabs.


the buttslam isn’t blocked.
I told you, its an intentional whiff, meaning you land a few spaces away from the opponent either in front or behind them. it never works if your slam makes contact with the opponent. you need some distance away from the opponent to allow the recovery to be over.
close enough where their blocking animations are instigated while far enough away you wont get punished with cr. jab.

and this only if you are down and behind in health. desperation move but it does work often.
like the way U2 after doing ex roll works quite often using Vega. people 90% of the time hit buttons thinking they can punish ex roll recovery.


I’m with Angerus on this one. Even activating proximity block won’t help you because to negate that all you have to do is a Focus Attack (which you should be doing to hit Honda’s Buttslam anyways)

It’s an online gimmick that punishes scrub players who already don’t know any better. Play solid.