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Gimmicky stuff like this make scrublords hate on Honda, but these tactics will get you absolutely nowhere against someone that knows their shit. Especially whan you know that random buttslams should always be focused and in the case of ex, you can see it coming miles away, hello FA2 crumple.

Honda vs diago

I just barely got a win off of PR Rog just now on XBL haha… I barely kept it together sitting on an 80% life lead @_@…

Nice turnaround in the first round Disabel! And your impatience almost killed you in that second round… But dem ex hands combos were really nice, I’m wondering if 2xex hands is worth the meter though.

A good video for understanding EX Headbutt’s pushback nerf.

Mah boi Greg[details=Spoiler], a shame he lost that match[/details]:

I present my first USF4 Upload. The dudley guy wasn’t very good, but I figured you guys would get a kick out of this:

Hey Man You Have Great Honda :smiley:
I Saw you video against Sagat
Demn dat Combo
wish i Can do that HHS combo :slight_smile:

FT5 tournament Finals between MDZ_Jimmy (Ryu) and me (E. Honda)

If you guys have any additional tips or pointers, be sure to let me know.

Well fellas its been a great run, but SF5 is here now and SF4 is gonna be on the back burner. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me out, especially Gutabo, Angerus, Mr. SNK, Akimo, BLueberry, probably tons of others i cant think of. I’ll leave my greatest accomplishment of SF here in memory of the good times. now i have a child, I probably wont have the time to put into street fighter that i did the last 5-6 years, but we’ll see if I can keep up my skill. I started here a complete scrub and you guys helped me become a great player.

see you over at the Necalli boards!!!

If anyone still wants to keep up watching Honda videos online, right now I’ve gotten back into playing, this time on PC online, uploading high ranking matches. I also want to thank the folks in this forum for helping me learn Honda, and I’m glad to see there’s still some activity from time to time.

You guys can keep watching kasashi45, kuriso honda and hoodaman video. The move for mike ross are not safe. I dont suggest to follow mike.
O wa re jp is not safe for some move. If you want to become top honda. Don’t start up any normal attack, remember all attack are the chance for opponents to attack you. You should walk front and back to let other press the normal, then u can press coach weak punch to start your reverse attack
If you play high level match, u will not attack 1st and press any normal wait for opponent to attack and press the croach weak punch to counter them.
Croach weak punch is the best way to attack, when you do twice, u can use medium headbutt rather than stand hard kick
If u use stand weak kick or croach weak punch, it has enough time for you to do stright jump hard punch for far distance and straight jump weak punch for close distance (because some ryu like to hit u using jump weak kick or stand hard kick)
Stand hard kick, only do it when u are moving backwards or u can 100 percent hit the characters.
Those characters like to do focus attack, u should not use hard kick anymore and prepare to do ex headbutt to beat the focus attack

honda croach medium kick can beat ryu croach medium kick, cammy medium kick and …

For defence, you can press lk, lp, mk, mp and then back dash. It can prevent throw and frame trap.

press downward and 4 button twice to have quick wakeup. lk, mk, hk, lp <Gain 1 more frame to wakeup and then press dash forward or backward to escape
Viper may like to use super high burning kick to hit your sumo splash, u can make use of it to escape earlier.

when u push sagat in the corner, u can do weak headbutt beat his tiger knee, press weak punch if he press normal or fireball, remember to let him attack 1st. low fireball can use medium headbutt to counter. it is not a difficult game

If u use honda, u should be a patient people. sometimes u will play 99 seconds. This character us for defence not offence. The offence combos are yo punish any kinds of offence error. If u play defence with seth, it is a very easy matchup. For eg. when he dive kick to get in, u just move your stick to push stright jump, u can give him a punishment so he has less blood to gamble with you.

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