Honda vs Gief match, Looking for X-Box Gief



My roommate plays Honda, so I get a lot of practice against Honda. I also play Mr. SNK on the regular basis, he’s a local practice partner. I played Mike Ross at Devastation, who knocked me out of the tournament, but I did quite well. (I ended up taking 17th). My roommate has been improving, and there’s a couple of things I’ve had a hard time figuring out a valid way to counter.

I’m hoping a couple of good Giefs will play some online matches against him, so I can kinda see how you handle it, and see if there’s anything I’m just simply not thinking of.

I’ve watched him play many, many Giefs online, and not one has actually won. (I’m G1, so they’re at least, decent Giefs) I’m not saying he is able to win more than he loses against me. I can still turtle up with life lead, and punish certain things for the wins. I’m saying there are some parts of his game that I can’t figure out a counter for.

If you’re willing to donate some time, and play a Honda, PM me so we can set up a time. (Monday would be perfect, I’m off work Monday, but any other day past 9:30 PM PST would work.

Thanks in advance!