Honda vs Yun

Does anyone have any tips on this match up at all?

See the MU thread for these things. Someone did post a good analysis in there vs Yun too.

didn’t see it, would like a link…

Dont think its unreasonable to have one dedicated thread to fighting the best character in the game, not like this forum is over flowing with threads anyway.

Yun can punish both MP and HP headbutt with jab lunge (mp lunge for HP). He cannot as far as i can tell punish EX headbutt at all but can punish LP headbutt with lp lunge during genei jin.

Also you ever catch a yun doing meaty palm on your wake up make sure he eats either Ex headbutt or Ex buttsplash. The palm is a fireball as im sure you all know and can be beat as such. Your options are.

Ultra 1
Ex headbutt
Ex buttspash
MK buttsplash (trades)

He also can punish them with U2 and Shoulder Dash Ex standing and crouching.

Yes, only Mp and Hp headbutt tho, as far as i can tell jab and ex are safe as houses.

ST. HP dive kicks all day. HHS also beats out lunges and trades with exlunges

I think you’ll discover that yun’s dive kick is faster than rufus’, I dont think that st fierce is a good enough counter…

Depends on the spacing. If they are on top of you the st HP starts up way too slow but when read and spaced correctly will tear the shit out of them all day and night.

st hp only beats poorly spaced dive kicks, few months down the tracks twins wont even be doing that shit. Anything beats badly spaced dive kicks, up close is a different story :frowning:

Up close nearly everyone has issues with the DK’s. Even if you have a good reversal since it can be baited. cl. fp is probably what will come out when he is in range and that takes 8 frames to come out. It will beat those DK’s from Mid-ish screen and closer where they are trying to “tap your toe” but once they on top of you and your in block string hell, its really a guess mostly in their favor.

You can focus-release backdash one, or hope you have EX to HB to reset the screen. Honda can do a decent job of keeping them out, but its up to you to find a way to reset the situation once they do finally get in.

sf4 is all about dumb mixup characters that you have to “read” your way out unfortunately.

…Also, cr jab can stuff his DK at point blank range. Problem is not enough active frames if he delays it a bit. So basically work on the timing.

How’s jump back jab for beating dive kick pressure? I’ve not played enough decent Yuns yet to really try out a lot of things vs him. Jump back jab is pretty gdlk tho.

If you whiff just due to the nature of the DK control-ability/delay-ability, you could be in for some hard body treatment. And you are pushing yourself toward the corner so be mindful.

lk. up-down splash seems to be pretty decent if he is already on top of you DK’ing like crazy plus you get to keep your back charge if your still in blk stun. That works vs Rufus DK pressure and his DK’s are better than the twins since there is virtually no height restriction.

Jump back lk is better than jump back jab if your looking to get out of divekick pressure. LK buttslam is very useful in this match although yun’s stupid hitbox means that it will often hit on the way up but whiff on the way down meaning he gets a free punish…man this character annoys me.

I mash throw after a blocked high dive kick from the front. I dunno why, but it works for me. I think Yun is at a disadvantage after a blocked high dive? This might not even be a viable tactic; maybe it’s just because there are a lot of newbie Yuns out there lol. Give it a try and see. Once they start aiming for your feet with the dives tho, bust out the jabs. They might try and trick you and jump in regular kick so watch out for that once you’ve stuffed enough dives.

I found great success using lk.buttslam vs dive kicks from high. I’m going to try and find out if it stops any jump in setups but I’m not at home right now, will post later.


Dat Mike Ross! This thread reminds me of him vs Momochi, he lost but holy hell he put up a good fight.