Hondaluva's house of avatars

ok so heres the dealio ive got some free time for the next week so ill be taking requests for the next week maybe longer
here is the rules
-no extravagent animations ill do simple sprite animations only
-i will do human avs on certain occasions (its a matter of my skill nothing personal if ichoose not to do your human av)
-i will do tags
-no wallpapers (me no can do htem:( )
-no av whoring if youve requested a graphic(this includes avatars and tags) from someone else in the last two weeks and you request from me i.e you request an avatar from soand so and he gives you one or says hell do it and you come and re3quest from me without the other persons permisson i will not d o your requedst i will do background check

that is it request away

hey I see this is all alone! I wanna Tag if that’s allright. I’d like it preferably on a dark background with lots of bright color. It’d be cool if you could get Akuma in it with his back turned and the “Japanese Immortal Symbol” displayed in red. If that is too outlandish, I’d still like a tag and you can do whatever you want. And feel free to modify the Akuma thing if you so wish, if it works out thanx bro.

ill try it but ive got to tell you now im not really good at tags but hey if you dont like it and i cant fix it you can always go to someone better

I’m not making any requests or anything, but I just got to comment you on your av(I’m happy with mine: I’ll svae you from doing any work). It’s pretty nice man. Oh, btw, what’s up Dan?

my current av i did not make i am afraid credit is due to the works of liquid child

alright here you go strider doom82 if you dont like it or need more on it ill remake it i really couldnt think of anything else to do with it you give me some suggestions and ill do em if you dont like it at all i got some other ideas i dont mind remaking it DanD you next


Can I get an avatar of Auron from Final Fantasy X? If you need some pictures I can get some for you. If possible can you make it look like he just beat up Cloud from FFVII? Thanks.

can i get an avatar of a pic of akuma, to be more specific it shows akuma leaning forward with his head sort of down and his arms spread out and its sort of dark and his eyes are glowing red, if u go to and go download akuma volume 9 it shows this pic at the end of his video. I would like that pic or anything similar and it is flashing like lightning sort of slow and my gamertag, Raziel321 is flashing along with it. Thanks if u take this request, and if not maybe some other time

white choco: get me the pics and ill do it i dont know about the beatin up thing for two reasons 1 because i probably jsut cant do it nad 2. i like cloud noogah anywas raziel that one is beyond my limitalions because i dont know how to get that specific frame out of that video maybe some other time and dand you are still next you guys give me a little while to get them done i may be slow but i get them done and i suddenly got really busy with classes and work so ill get to the requests as soon as i can


ok I will get some pics either later today or Sunday for sure. Thanks.

just cancel my request I am having trouble with my home computer and I dont want to risk getting caught at work looking for them. Thanks anyways :frowning: