Honda's OS

Hey guys I just found out a couple of Honda’s OS that can be used for backdashes on wakeup. It’s made by TelepathicSRK and it’s a really good vid but he doesn’t explain how those OS is done he assumes already that the viewer knows how to do OS’s.

So now I’m asking how does one do the option selects shown in those vids?

HHS - OS EX Headbut
c.lp xx EX headbutt - OS EX headbutt
EX headbutt - OS Ultra 1.

Thank you :smiley:

c.LP xx HP hands is already an OS if you do it fast. So for the first one just do (back charge) c.LP xx HP hands fast, and add a foward+PP at the end of the piano/slide so if the c.LP whiffs and the hands don’t come out you’ll get an EX headbutt.
Second is a kinda late cancel from a (back charge) meaty c.LP with a forward + double tapped PP, so if the c.LP connects or whiffs you’ll get the EX headbutt anyway.
The third one is (back charge)c.LK xx forward+PP(EX headbutt), back, forward+PPP. You buffer an EX headbutt into an ultra 1 motion. If the c.LK whiffs, you get an ultra.
Hope it helps.

I’ve been getting good results from xx hp hb then back, forward PPP on opponent’s wake-up. Doesn’t waste EX if is blocked. Also, has better range than, so there are more set-ups available. Haven’t really been in the lab with this aside from practising it on Ryu so not sure about the entire cast and their dashes, in particular certain fast back dashes or ones that cover a large distance (Makoto?) may not get caught.

I recommend the hits as meaty as possible to ensure the U1 activates quick enough. God i hate the start up. If Honda could get 1 buff for this upcoming balance, i would take faster U1 start up over lp.hb invincibility any day. I even think asking for hitbox to be restored is highly unlikely.

Anyway, this OS works well when you have trained someone to back dash by pressuring them on wakeup with oicho, cr.lp xx HHS or xx HB a few times. Best of all, once they have got hit by this OS, they are extremely nervous and will probably start blocking on wakeup.

Pardon, did someone say Oicho rape?

Anyway, you have to be clever with this as obviously reversals will beat your, so determine when it’s a good time to use. Any extra tool or set up i can get in my bag of tricks at the minute is more than welcome.

@gutabo thank you for the explanation I never figured I had to double tap to get hte EX HB to OS I kept doing the double motion which is why I end up doing super instead.

@HondaHex now we’re getting somewhere because I agree EX bars are worth their weight in gold with Honda for EX headbutts so I thought the OS with EX HB’s are a risk and I’d rather use them as anti-airs. I’d definitely keep that OS in mind. Thank you.

can’t really convert into damage off of it, but it works as a tick into oichio or whatever. I’m too slow to do c.lpxxhands buffer OS S.HK but that would probably work too.