Honda's strange hitbox

I seem to whiff the most when I;m doing the Ultra after headbutt to Honda. I time it the same as I do every other character but I seem to only one hit of the last part of the Ultra and sometimes even whiff completely after the first string. I’m using KPKKK btw. Is there some different timing to use again Honda or should I only be using PPKKK vs Honda? (I almost never use this unless in corner)

Honda falls faster, so try doing the ultra a little earlier maybe.

Vs Honda & Rog:

In corner: PPKKK

Anywhere else: KPKKK (no matter what, you’ll get less hits from the last upper)

actually, he’s quote floaty. you have to let him fall lower than normal before you activate ultra. chest level or so. if you activate at head level or above, often times the last hit will miss [where it would normally hit on anyone else]

this pretty much goes for any character.

in the corner, if they fall to your chest level or lower, KPKKK will still work.