Honest answer, who do you think the most overpowered fighting game character is


Hello internet.

I would like to know what you think is the most overpowered fighting game character is. Over the past two decades, we have been griping about that one character in each fighter. From #Reload Eddie to AE Yun, there are so many characters that are regarded as cheap. I would like to take the time to reflect on characters that pretty much unfair and cheap.

I would like to add a few rules.
#2: Do not troll in this forum. Trolling makes people look bad.
#3: Button Mashing characters like Chreddy (Tekken) and Hwoarang, who inexperienced players call cheap are prohibited.

I would like to start with a character many people know off by heart in the FGC for being really cheap. If you have ever played T4, you’d probably know who Jin Kazama is and why he is overpowered. Jin received an entirely new moveset, dropped Mishima Karate in favor of Traditional Karate. This gave him a move called the Laser Scraper. When this move was performed at perfect execution, Jin would be unstoppable. Jin Kazama’s primary reason for being overpowered in T4 is due to this one move called the Just-Frame Laser Scraper (JFLS), which had priority over everything.

Leave your thoughts below.


Id say Arcade Edition Yun


Ultrasf4? Makoto/hugo/dhalsim/elena/thawk and sagat.
Tekken series?Law and heihachi.
Sf x tekken?Easily bryan and julia.


Gotta be SF2 T-Hawk


The answer is always Ivan Ooze.


Since we’re discounting boss characters, I suppose ST Akuma can’t be in here, but I know that A3 Z-Ism Akuma can. He can lock you down for an entire match as soon as he gets a knock down. Then of course, you have Petshop…

His BnB’s deal 60% or greater, some characters literally can’t hit him and low attacks can NEVER touch him unless he’s already in a combo, so he never needs to block low (outside of a few select moves).



Wan-Fu and Tachibana in SS1

K-Groove Blanka/Honda/Sagat in CVS2

Old Sagat in SSFIIT

Dhalsim in SF2WW


Petshop was indeed broken, he had a low hurtbox, a very easy learning curve, able to fly, and could do massive damage. It’s a good thing that he was banned from tournies.


Wtf guile is twice as good as sim in ww


But isn’t Sim a counter pick for Guile?


Vergil/Doom/Some other Op Mahvel 3 character


Itachi Uchiha in (Insert NUN game here)


Itachi is OP in a lot of Naruto games for sure.