Honest Question. Are you a 'waiter'?

I played one of the most boring match last night where most of the time both of us spent time waiting in the corner and building up meter. It was a Blanka V Balrog match.

How many of you do play defensive/waiting game ? I fought a few Hondas as well and some of them are also willing to stay in the corner, keep doing the command throw and building meter.


Depends on the matchup

I once fought a match with a really sick Sagat player as Ken. We literally traded Fireballs for about 75% of the match and I had slightly more health than him. As a means of trying to avoid getting beaten during a jump-in, I was completely ready to run the timer out. That is, until he stopped throwing fireballs after the 20sec mark and started closing the distance.

It not only depends on the match up, but the situation

Balrog eats Blanka close up most of the time so he stayed out of range… good tactics!!

its a part of the game. But turtling is also risky, because one hit close to the end of the timer, and you loose the round…

the higher the level, the more important are tactics, footsies and mindgames.

that was a pretty boring match to watch.

but i think it also has to do w/the fact that neither the rog or blanka were very good.

why didn’t you cr.lp the blanka balls?

Depends on the matchup as others have said. My rog vs blanka games are kinda like that. Rog can counter anything blanka can do, so the rog can just sit there and wait. If the blanka player knows the matchup he knows this too, so doesnt want to make a mistake, so just sits there aswell

Oh and about the c.lp, I wouldnt have done many either. That blanka knew his distances, a c.lp could have been straight into electricity or a grab if timed properly. Its better to let him hit you with one and put out a dash punch as he’s flying backwards

It depends on the character but I’ve been playing semi-defensively recently, I’ll usually wait for them to advance first because I feel more in control. Once I get the knock down and have a couple of EX bars, that’s when I tap into rush mode, I’ll try to maximise the damage until they escape then back off.

When it comes to Blanka or Guile, I wait that shit out. I realised there’s not much they can do if you don’t anything but fireball and block

I hit blanka once and make him come to me. As Rog, like one of the above posters mentioned, you can counter anything blanka can do so you can just hit him and sit there. If you try to rush down blanka you pretty much get raped b/c of beast roll, electricity, etc. Also…why were you doing full screen ex-rush punches? That’s one of the absolute worst things you can do. Period. You can easily be thrown out of it and blanka will beast roll you for your troubles. Just something to think about.

Gotta admit, I will do a few full screen dash punches just to see how he reacts. If he just eats it for chip or hit, then I’ll keep doing it. If he counters each time I do it, doesnt matter, eating a little damage was worth it to see how well he knows the matchup

They’re called turtles. And I/ turtle sometimes if I’m playing Honda or Zangief and I have a life lead

the best blankas are turtles.

This is a waiting man’s game. No guard crush or parries to force people to move. Sit on meter until you win. That’s SFIV.

I guess I’m more of a rush down/mix up player. I get how turtling can be strategically sound and score wins, but I would never do it. It gives me no satisfaction whatsoever.

It’s just so much more exciting and satisfying to get in close for a rock paper scissorcs match of mix ups, blocking and teching. Even if it does cost me a win from time to time.

The greatest matches to me is when both players are in each others faces throughout, but both have similar skill and good enough defense that it becomes this kind of close combat stalemate. Win or lose, matches like that leave me with a big dumb grin on my face after it’s over.

Even when I played Ryu I almost completely neglect his zoning game in favour of getting in close for mix ups. Which is why I’ve ended up loving Ken so much, I get to be mister shoto, but it’s okay if I forget I even have a fireball.

I guess the closest I get to defensive play is hit and run tactics with Vega. Which is still more of an offense I guess, since the other player is the one reacting to what I do.

Play how you want to play. Dont worry about what other’s think.

Rush or Wait… The Match will unfold.

IF you Rush Just dont Crash.

IF you wait dont let your Chance to Strike pass you buy.

To answer the question of the TC: No, I get bored when there is no action on the screen.

only against geif… edit… wow i just watch the video and lost 4:53 of my life:sad:is their anyway i can have a refund on that??

Considering how irritating balrog is, most of the cast would probably do much better doing nothing but turtling against him, building meter for safe offense.

Against balrog, I always whiff oichos and then bait with normal throw whiffs in order to make him come to me due to his retarded defensive options (jab dash punch and c.fp). Never worth going after rog meterless due to the ridiculously long range sweep.

Rush Weak players.

Wait vs Strong players.

Just play safe.