Honestly does anyone still play 3D fighters?

I just simply love all types of 2D fighting games especially from Capcom and SNK Guilty gear and so on… So i consider myself to be a 2 D fighter freak, I have always avoided playing 3D fighters since like forever and do not regret it one bit.
3D feels more like fighters without a soul to me. Does anyone else share the same view?


EDIT: Actually, I used to think 3D fighters were boring until I found my niche in Tekken. Though I’m not particularly better in it than in say CvS2.

The are good 3d fighters such as tekken and soul calibur.

Tekken I agree. Personally though, soul calibur? not so much.
(emphasis on personally, as in, that’s just my opinion)

VF5 is fucking hawt though.

virtua fighter :7)

Soul Calibur has SOUL in the title. How can it not have soul? That’s preposterous!

Yes, people still play 3d fighters.

Only morons

You don’t see soul in these matches?


Thats just my opinion people theres no need for flaming!

But these are just our opinions :confused:

You came to the wrong place if you’re looking to share you opinion and not get flamed.
This isn’t madness…THIS IS SRK!!!

Well you said you never play 3D fighters which makes your opinion one of ignorance. Ignorance ain’t good, yo.

tekken sucks.


I had stopped (except a bit of VF from time to time but VF is too demanding a game to be played from time to time)

…until I found KMGP. Now strangely i find myself playing more this fighter than any 2D fighter which is rather disturbing in itself for someone like me

jesus christ where the fuck are the mods lately

3D games are the shit.

What is KMGP?

Quoted for truth.

Series like Virtua Fighter/Soul Caliber/DOA/Budokai/BudokaiTenkaichi/Tekken are series that define the 3D movement. Nothing wrong with being to side-step every once in a while. :stuck_out_tongue:


Should I try out the Dragon Ball z games? Maybe i should give it a shot!