Honey Boo Boo is Over. HBB's Mom is dating a Pedo

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Doing her best to prove why she should keep the title of the worst mother of the year.


I’m glad. This show was cancer. The mom or whatever made fro some creepy ass pictures though

Maybe it’s just because I don’t pay attention to a lot of this stupid shit, but I literally had no idea “Honey Boo Boo” was a real thing. I thought it was just some expression that people used to describe the state of degenerate media programs.

…so when they were feeding that fat monster red bull mixed with mountain dew, that was cool as fuck?

Exploiting a white trash family and their daughter for profit is okay though.

They’re doing God’s work. Hopefully Love & Hip Hop gets cancelled next

If they cancel Love & Hip Hop, how will Soulja Boi tell 'em?

While standing in line at the soup kitchen.

Well at least all those child beauty pageants will have prepared her for paedophilia.

using this thread as an excuse to post this:


White Trash doesn’t quite explain how effed up these McNasties are.

NOOOOO how else will i catch footage of @SNAAAAKEsMOM‌ on tv :frowning:

End of an Era…

Today was a good day.

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What the fuck happened to sugar bear?

TLC pays people to be white trash on TV.

White trash acts like white trash.

TLC fires them for acting like white trash.

TLC is exploitative and disgusting.

Love and Hip Hop showing how dumb People get

Souljah Boy as spoiled and entitled as a coddled white boy

I hope he fucks up and goes bankrupt when his baby mama takes 3/4 of his earnings

It’s still surprising to me that someone like this even has intimate romantic/sexual relationships in the first place…it goes to prove that there are indeed guys out there that will truly hook up with anything.

Really, what woman is more unappealing? I suppose there’s Gabby Siddebe, but that’s about it. Yes, I’d rather go for Whoopi Goldberg and Camryn Manheim. <–When those 2 are “hot” in comparison, you know that’s a severe case we’re talking about. Goddamn that’s just bad… I’ve never seen anyone quite like that before.

haha, why is her head so damn tall, man?! It’s like a stack of soggy biscuits. Her head is a goddamn phallic symbol. I also suspect that Bebop from TMNT may be her cousin… either that or Krang, like that famous picture implies…haha, her real birthplace is DIMENSION X. Ok I gotta stop this, I almost feel bad…almost… she has lost weight recently and changed the hairstyle so it appears she’s at least trying.

How long until TLC is called out for slut shaming?