Honeymoon at EVO2008


Title says it. You read it. Booked our hotel room this weekend. I’m married on Friday the 8th in the Bay Area, playing in EVO on the 9th in Vegas. Am I the first one to do this? The dork in me is hoping the answer is, “yes.”

Congrats. Your girl like games too?

She better.

LOLOL!! wow, congrats!

Not really…lol…but she knows I always try to make it out (ever since B4). Plus…we can only afford a Vegas trip anyways, so it kind of works out.

You a chick? Why is there a dork in you?

And congrats. :party:

Holy shit man, that girl is a keeper! :rofl:

EDIT: practice with your ring on so it doesn’t throw off your execution come tournament day

oh hey thats kinda nice :party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party:

Scoop dat ass

That’s awesome Sosage! Congrats!! :tup:

Thats got to be the best wife ever :rofl:

Great honeymoon plan :stuck_out_tongue: 2 for 1 deal.

I’m sure your wife appreciates that you’ll be gamin’ all weekend on your “honeymoon”. It’s good to train 'em right while their still young though=) Good show old boy-


This has got to be the worst idea I’ve ever heard. I’ve brought girls around tourneys before (usually only because I run them and they want to visit).

But they are:

a) always bored
b) want your attention away from the games.

Two things that cannot be solved by you playing video games. Plus, you the 90% dude ratio drooling over her if she’s a hottie.

Only ways of pulling this off sucessfully is

a)stopping in with your girl, saying hi to peeps, playing no games… basically saying hi to your friends and that’s it.
b)making sure she has something else to do. Considering it’s Vegas… you really don’t want that, man.

So honestly, skip evo, have fun on the town, and go next year. It’ll make your honeymoon something you won’t argue about for years.

Renegade comin with that real talk. I didn’t really want to be the bearer of bad news but yeah…only way you’re really gonna have fun with her is to keep Evo out of it for her. Unless by some act of god she finds watching games interesting. If by some insane act of god she actually gets interested in fighting games afterwards…more power to ya.

Yeah, I was about to say the same thing.

I mean congrats and all, but it’s just a freaking video game tournament, there’ll always be more, don’t ruin your honeymoon of all things for it.

I sure as hell wouldn’t.

She’s going off to do whatever during Evo. She isn’t tagging along. We’re having a legit honeymoon starting Monday somewhere else. So it is all good.

That sounds more reasonable. Just double check before you matches that she isn’t in the ballroom. Don’t want any distractions when beating some ass in ST.

You may think it’s all good, but you’re still still spending the first few days of your marriage at a videogame tournament and leaving her alone to fend for herself.

If I know women at all… this is something she will NEVER, EVER, let you forget.

Just take some advice, man. EVO’s not that big a deal. There’s always next year.


Congrats though