Hong Kong SF3.3 3on3 video *part 2*

part 2-end



Thanks. I hope Ack is in this one. Still disappointed over Patrick not showing up though.

It doesn’t work for me. All I get is some random scrambled bull shit.

if your using mozilla try right click save as.

Go Toronto.

i cant get it to work either, when I click on the link its just a page of asian writing jibberish & when i right click ‘save target as’ it saves as a text document

do i need a certain program to run it or do i have to adjust my setings, i’m on IE, xp

its for bittorrent, christ

Yeahh…ok…I err…ummm…tried it with fire fox and instead of opening bittorrent, it linked me to a page of some random scrambled bull shit…like I said. Christ.

yes yes yes, thank you, thank you, thank you.
downloading now

right click -> save link as

open the file in your BT client


it’s interesting to see ppl cry when they can’t use BT…it really isn’t that hard…save as…open as…or one of the other variations of it…

damn nubs…

Learn Internets!

I bet you guys are the same ones who left click and try to watch every video file they come across before actually downloading it right?