Hong Kong SF4 players Report hereeee

Name: Ern
Area: Kwai Chung
Mains: Boxer, Bison
Arcades frequently visited: Kwai Fong, MK Gamezone.

Chara: Ken, gonna start using C.Viper
Frequent arcade visited: the one in Mongkok

PS3 - GinTonicColonic
Don’t know of any good arcades, tell me where!
Mains: Cammy, Ryu

mk gamezone friday night. ill be there this week. i’ll probably be wearing red + i have a pair of studs.

theres one in kwai fong too. ive already met some srk’ers. itd be nice to meet/discuss n shit

What time this Friday night?
Actually I 'll be there this afternoon or later afternoon. I’ll be the tall one there.

I’m the one with huge shoulder pads and I main dictator in MK.

im too sleepy. ugh

you dont have huge shoulder pads LOL

i’ll come again next time. tall girl? really?

I did wear them today, but you didn’t come. I also rocked huge steel toe boots and I grinned a lot.

But if every friday night in MK is like what I just experienced…don’t expect to see me there any time soon because those guys are in a totally different level. I honestly don’t mind losing, but it sucks when $100 wouldn’t have lasted me for an hour if I kept playing, haha. I stopped tossing money when I lost against two C Vipers without winning any rounds

Your blanka friend came and lost A LOT (not hating, just saying the people there were THAT good).

Your chun li friend came and lost a lot also.

I think I saw your so-called “crazy gief player” who was chubby with glasses. He probably had a 25% win ratio.

So you can only imagine how disabled I made dictator look…

SFIV is serious stuff on Friday Nights :cybot:

Yes I are the tall girl.
And I didn’t go Friday night either b/c I knew the dudes would be too tough. And I’m just a n00b right now. :(((((((((((((((
I need a job so I can get a PS3 then I can practice, but u know… it’s like hard to find one.

yeh lol. now u know what im talking about. THOSE ARE THE REAL TALK OF MONG KOK LOL.
ill go fri. i rested enough

Can some one trade a US PSN card for one from Hong Kong?


I got raped by another bison today and I enjoyed every moment of it.

seek help

i also feel my rog’s gettin there. bison too. i’d believe im best hk rog by far at this point. a lil more matchup exp to gooo

hi all hk sf4 players!

i finally got around to sign up a srk account.

i live in the tsun wan area and i would drop by the arcade at kwai fong from time to time.

i mainly play at home on my 360 (gamertag: makemydate). and just today i bought a joystick finally (china made one, want a base so later on i can just swap in sanwa parts into it, hopefully).

i mainly use balrog because i played with pad before (hovering around 1600 BP online), now that i have joystick, i will try to learn every other characters.

nice meeting you all!

Now why didn’t you scream that in mk last friday night?

and I’m the best bison in hong hum.

Help u hk ppl

hey guyz…

im back in hong kong…and i actually wanted to make it a goal to get good at sf4 before i head back to vancouver.
tell me how to get to an arcade with sf4…hopefully one near north point.
if its near an mtr…that be perfect if u just tell me what exit and all…

i am pretty bad at sf4…but i am a sf3 third strike player…so…my learning curve isnt bad.

so…if anyone is down to help me out here…

email me some info @ leeleegid@hotmail.com

thanks guyz…hopefully can play some soon…i dont really understand why no arcades ie been to have it…

namco in causeway is gone…
none of the TST arcades have it…

hey giddy, go Sun G Sing in MK, friday nights have all the best players there.

Seeing as how nobody in Taiwan plays anything newer than KoF 2k2, lemme drop my GT in here for some XBox matches at 4 bars: UNdesTROY.

Why can’t our arcades love Capcom, too?

random Q, does HK have the cabinets that support the IC cards or are they all running on existing Astro City cabinets?