Hong Kong SF4 players Report hereeee


Hey Guys,
Long time lurker here, been play sf since vanilla days so i consider myself pretty good :). Just back in Hong Kong and looking for ppl to go to the arcades with, I normally frequent the arcade in central, so if anyone’s interested give me a pm. laterz
Also Saunic and bchan009 Im interested in those get togethers you’ve been talking about please pm with more info thanks dude


I’m like the best player in my imagination so I’m looking forward to visiting HK and beating everyone.


Bro if you cant even play on 2 consoles at the same time you’re nothing in HK


While this thread seems dead, I’ll post this in here.

Hiya. I’m moving to Dongguan in the Guangdong province in China - about an hour away from Hong Kong - and I was wondering about the FGC scene nearby. I’m willing to try most games, though I do prefer anime games like Melty Blood, Guilty Gear and Persona. (I do play Ultra though)

Nice to meet you all. m(_ _)m


If you’re ever in Guangzhou, TeeMall in Tienhe has SSF4, Tekken, KoF, and a couple other games. I haven’t been able to find any anime fighters here though.


I see. Thank you.


lol this thread is dead because most of us have met already

Besides Japan, you’ll hardly find any Anime, but yeah Tianhe is a good place to go if you want to have some challenge in KOF or Ultra.

If you ever come HK, I can help you find (strong) GG players.


Hey guys,

I’m going to be in Hong Kong on holiday for a few days in a week or so. Any arcade’s still operating?


Smartgame in Mongkok/Yau Ma Tei is still pretty busy, but 2012 version. How long are you staying and from when to when ?


I’m planning on staying in Hong Kong this weekend, so what are the local scenes like? If there is a console scene, I might be able to bring my stick :slight_smile:

Also, how would I get to the Smartgame from Luohu (Lo Wu) checkpoint in Shenzhen?


Lol you are so far.

Just get to Mongkok station, E2, walk forward and after you passed Ladies Market, go on the right and all straight till you see it. Ahgama posted a guide on how to get there.

There is some local scenes, feel free to PM me your Facebook/Whatsapp so I can tell you more about it.


Just got to hong kong for 2 days, i’m staying at the Cosmopolitan hotel. What is the closet arcade to the hotel?
Playing mostly usf4, ggxrd and some ttt2




Central seems the closest, but Smartgame is more lively.

Hit me up by MP if you want some SF4/Xrd action.


hey guys, yea i never check the thread now lol… probably should more often…
Saunic holding down the fort…


Hey wondering if any of you met me, i was the Ken player at smartgame from around may-june.


Where are you from exactly ? I haven’t been in Smartgame for ages


I don’t know about TTT2 Unlimited since T7 has been released in Hong Kong so here are the HK locations with T7:

Super King Game Center (Un Chau Street)
Smart Game Mongkok
Golden Dragon Game Centre
International Games Centre (HK) Ltd.
Cheung Golden Dragon Game Centre
Electronic Plaza


I’ll be in HK for a couple weeks. Have any arcades upgraded to USF4? Used to play in Central.


Hello all, been lurking here for a little while. How does everyone play sfv now that there’s no arcades? Purely online? Moved to HK not long ago and would love to meet some friends and learn this game.



Send me a PM so I can help you.