Hong Kong !?!?!?!?

yo, i’m gonna be taking a trip over to hong kong end of march and stayin on hong kong island /kowloon. im thinking about checking out a few arcades over there so if anyone is from there let me know, we can play for hong kong money or just play for kicks. i play mvc2, ggxx and a little 3s/kofxi. if anyone knows the dope spots let me know.

There is some (very little I hear) MvC2 comp in HK. It was mentioned in this thread here: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2877060#post2877060

However, if you go to the correct arcades (there are many) you will find excellent comp in 3s. KOF comp is pretty much everywhere over there, same with Tekken as well. The main 3rd Strike arcade over there is called “Prince Edward”. You should make a post on the HK SF forums, there old one (hksf.net) is gone but they just put a new one up not long ago in its place: http://hksf.net/newforum/index.php

Post there and I am sure you will find some comp, at least for 3s.