Hooking up Seimitsu Seimitsu PSL-30N-5 w2 to PS360+

Hi everybody

I have purchased a Sega Naomi and want to make a mamecab from it.

So I’ve got PS360+ pcb for the controls and got some Seimitsu PSL-30N-5 w2 illuminated buttons .

But i just cant figure it out to how do i have to link the buttons to the ps360 in order to function .

Do i can get the 5 v required for the LEDS from the ps360 or do i have to get them from the Naomi .? And where in the Naomi cant i get the 5v required ?

Thanks in advance

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Before we go further I am assuming you are gutting your Cab and putting in a PC inside with Mame installed.
Is that Correct?

Yes …sorry for not have been clearer on that subject.

Well the PS360+ screw terminals are labeled.
All the respective inputs as a terminal screw as several Gnd or ground terminals.
Each button will have a signal wire for that input and a Gnd. You notice there more inputs than Gnd.
This is not a issue, what you supposed to do is to daisy chain the Gnd of each button, you can fashion your own daisy chain with wire, a pair of wire stripers, a wire crimper and some crimp on quick disconnects.
Or you can by a pre-made daisy chain

For your +5 volts for LEDs, you want to attack your +5 wire to the VCC screw terminal and use one of the Gnd terminals as your ground.

Ok thank you very much for your answer

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If you need any other help or have any questions please ask.

Also what are you doing with the old unused Naomi parts?