Hooking up Xbox Chat Pad to TE Stick?


Anyone know a workaround for hooking up a Xbox Chat Pad to a Madkatz TE stick? I foolishly assumed I’d be able to use the provided converter and simply use the headphone jack, but no dice.

If someone knows or has seen this mod, let me know please.

(Gotta have that chat pad to sprinkle salt on all the ragequitters!)

nope, chatpad won’t fit

you can however just hook up a usb keyboard to spread the love of hate

Not doable without gutting the TE, removing the PCB, and replacing it with a regular 360 controller’s PCB.

Which is a lot of work considering you can just drop $10 on a USB keyboard and use that instead.

Thanks much.

Even better, a USB wireless keyboard, if you can find one that works. I have an old IR keyboard that works like a charm; one less wire to worry about. Of course, IR means line-of-sight, but still… Worth it.