Hookup for Clubs in Hollywood

Anyone interested in clubbing in Hollywood?

I work with a promotion crew called Braveharts and we have events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Some clubs are 18+ and others are 21+

I usually hook up FFA crew and I wanted to extend my offer to others around the area.

I promote for Level 3, Basque, Cinespace, Forbidden City, and Florentine Gardens.

PM me if you want the hook up…

here’s some events this weekend…



Holla at cha boi, i need to hit up a few clubs in hollywood

What kind of hooks ups do you have for Forbidden City? Def and I have been wanting to check that spot for a while since it always seems poppin. Lines are way too fucking long though.

forbidden city is probably my favorite spot right now because it has a huge room inside, upstairs, and most important outside so you can dance with a drink in your right hand and a cig on the other hand…

depends on what night u wanna go cuz we usually do fridays for forbidden…

but it’s 20 bucks for admission, i can hook up anyone for half price before 10:30, and girls for free before 10:30…

just PM me and i’ll get you on guestlist

hmm i might have to hit you up some time guywongsta… i love me some clubbin in LA

bumped with some flyers

HUGE event goin on this thursday at Cinespace, get at me if you’re interested