Hooray For YouTube :D

I just recently made a YouTube channel where I will be posting matches from the Beginner rank until a high one xD. Here’s the link to the first video :slight_smile:


Thanks for watching!

no offense but wesker is on the thumbnail for the winning team so I didn’t watch… I’m sure it’s good though! again no offense!

lol non taken dude xD If you didnt watch just because of Wesker you should reconsider, I just stardet playing with Wesker and im not that good with him so I get blown up by a Spiderman xD

Nice game. Wesker is a nightmare of a character once you get used to him. Should be fun to see what kind of shenanigans you pull off with him in the future.

especially with Taskmaster and Vergil. I just have to get used to him lol

Episode 2 is up!
Hope you Enjoy!

First to 10 with a friend!

Video thread. Huh, I could have swore there was one. :confused: odd.

Vs the legendary wolverine masta!

2:28, holy crap at phantom dance beating bionic arm.

This is really good, I’ll keep watching. Subscribed!

Awesome stuff! BTW what do you use to capture your matches and put the voice on it and stuff?

haha you run the same exact team as me w/ the same color scheme too!! haha we should play sometime and throw combo ideas back and fourth!!

I use a Roxio game capture card and I record it on my Laptop. Also I edit it with Vegas 11.

Hit me up dude: Kiinkey Twinkie

Thanks dude! If you have an Xbox add me so I can record a first to 5 vs you and put it up! :smiley:

Yo dude I’m TimeMuffin PhD… you kicked my ass several times haha!