Hop Kick

Although toned down, the Hop Kick (Forward+MK) still has its uses. I was wondering if there is anything garunteed on hit or block? Failing that, is there anything relativly safe?

I dont use ryu @ all…but I am wondering how to do his Hop kick?? Vid shows that he goes the other side of the opponant when they are on ground…when I do it, It hits the opponant…?


r u sure it wasent a lk hurrican kick?


it goes over snk fireballs( them ground shock waves )

pretty safe also, i think its pretty safe, hit or block i follow up with 2 c.mk or a c.hp cancel to fire ball orr hurricane kick

I could very well be wrong but as far as I can see it leaves you at very little if any frame advantage upon block, I think even LESS advantage on hit. It also depends on when you hit, like if it is near the start of the animation then you actually get negative frame advantage, and if at the end… I don’t know. I also don’t think crouching attacks are a good way to go as it is one of those moves that ‘forces’ you into a stance, kinda like how akuma’s air fireball makes him crouch then stand on landing. Ryu is set to stand so I assume that a standing attack is best. I’m thinking something like s.lp xx qcf+hp? Or maybe just RC Hadouken? But they could roll that…

hop kick properties can be seen at www.namonaki.com

+1 on block, -4 on hit

so yea, its pretty useful.

i find the hop kick very usefull. especially on enemys who always attack or gaurd low. the hop kick can hop over some low attacks and hit ur opponent.

after hop kick do s.fiercexxxqcfx2+p

As good as s.HP is, are you sure that’s best? (I know who you are cali I ain’t no noob, I respect your opinion just asking if you take a seconed glance at this thread.) Would say s.lp be better to come out faster? Feel free to teach me as I have no idea on the frame data for s.hp, I just know it’s quite good, not how good.

It doesn’t matter Raveneski, because either way it combos, except that s.hp does more dmg, so why jab?

Secondly Long Island is in New York, Long BEACH is in California :sweat:

IT COMBOS!!! Maybe I’m just really tired, but I seem to specifically remember not being able to combo any normal off a connected hop kick, which is why I started this thread… are you SURE it combos?!

hell im not sure it does. im pretty sure it doesnt, uless maybe a jab, but acctualy i wouldnt be suprised that it does combo on hit scince you get a +1 frame advantage…

But I know Ryu’s s.hp comes out in 1 frame, maybe on a counter-hit.

well if it comes out in 1 frame then logicly it combo’s or connects atleast, so ya its all good,

hop kick + s.HP

thats that.

Pure comedy gold…

Disregard that :p, I was a scrub then.

lol I was just loking back on this thread. We of course know that s.hp does NOT come out in one frame lol.

So what do you guys think is best to follow up hop kick on hit and block?

On block I’m thinking s.lp as then they only have 2 rames to hit you in, or alternativly go for the counter hit c.mp?

As for on hit, I think you best off using it as a tick throw :D.

lol, so silly.