hop -> ultra 2


I’m having alot of problems pulling off hop through ( cross hop or whatever ) to the other side of my opponent then ultra 2. Are there any tips that might help me? I’ve practised for 8 hours and still cant nail it properly.

ty =D

If you can do Hop -> U1 you shouldn’t have much problems doing Hop ->U2

the last direction just needs to be somewhere up… doesn’t need to be up forward… it can be up or up back as well…in general you kinda wanna charge db do the hop with df… then during hop animation do db when you land… hit one of the up direction… mashing KKK or PPP helps…

however… because U2 is seriously extremely slow… i don’t see why you want to use this strategy compared to U1…U2… is more used for far away chip kill (character/situation dependent) and anti fireball… i guess it’s also OK… if you’re up against someone who’s jump crossup happy… but still not recommended.