Hope for BnB Mastery?



Greetings SRK Dudley players!

I’d just like to make a quick disclaimer that I am new to SRK, and I have very limited knowledge of Street Fighter, so if I say something ignorant please be forgiving >_<.

So I’ve recently picked up SSF4:AE and I’m trying to main Dudley. I have the fundamentals of SF down and wanted to main a character that would force me to get better. From what I understand Dudley’s BnB’s are mostly links into EX MGP, so I hoped it would force me to become a better player. I’ve been practicing his BnB’s daily in training mode for at least an hour a day, sometimes two or three, for almost a week and I’ve made a little progress, but it seems I can only do some of a combo about 50% of the time.

I wanted to ask the more experienced SF and Dudley players, how long should I expect for me to master his BnBs? The BnBs in question are cr. lp -> EX MGP, with either cr. lk or f. hk before that. It’s slow and dull and I feel like I’ll never be able to do his link combos consistently. I played 3rd strike and alpha 2 for several years as shotos and got the fundamentals down pretty well, but links are completely new to me and I hope to get better. I appreciate any comments, and would like to say thank you for all the great information in this forum.


Practice it more, there is nothing else to say.
I am sure you mean f.hk, cr.lp, s.hk xx exmgb and cr.lk, cr.lp, s.hk xx exmgb.
You can practice it till the s.hk, then add the qcf motion after a while.
Before I forget it, use plinking.

These links are easy plinkable 2 frame links, these are among the easiest one in the game (especially after a light attack with a general short animation time, it’s harder with hard attacks, where you have a bigger “gap” between both inputs, much harder to get the rhythm consistently and more room for timing mistakes). If you have problems with these, sorry to say, you are still a beginner, these are the absolutetely basic stuff. Just practice them even more.


Yup, those were the combos I was talking about. How long did it take you from starting out with these links to being able to execute these in matches? I’m sure it’s different for everyone.

I appreciate your reply, I’ll keep working on it and on my plinks as well. I oddly have more success doing it w/out plinks, but I’m assuming once I get plinking down it will be even easier?


dudley got fun BnB imo and lots lots of links to practice. Do cr.lk cr.lp s.hk till you do it right 99% then the fun starts with f.hk -> cr.lp -> s.hk and Cr.Hp->s.Hk


Thanks for the reply. Been going at it for a little over a week, and I’m improving a lot on the first link that you listed. At this rate though I feel like it will be a couple months before I can execute it in a real match. Is this typical? Maybe it’s just because I’m new to links and plinking, but Dudley seems like he’s pretty tough to learn.


imo hes links are among the easiest, i find links to half cirkle alot easier than links to dp but thats just me. once you get the rythm and the flow it will become more easy it takes a while to practice


When you can hit it 10 times in a row without dropping (start the count over if you do drop) you can start using it in matches somewhat reliably. If you can hit it 30+ times in a row without dropping it, then you pretty much got it down. That’s the standard I go by anyway.


Thanks for the replies!

@MrAnnual That sounds like a good way to measure my progress, I’ve already started implementing it.

Out of curiosity, in this link cr.lk, cr.lp, s.hk xx exmgb, could I replace the first cr. lk with a cr. lp? When I’m in a match and I’m pumped up, it seems easier to go from that into s. hk. I kinda mash on the cr. lp and as soon as I see I get a hit, it’s easier for me to do another cr. lp, then finish the BnB combo.


you could replace it sure, especiallt on punish since its easier. cr.lk is nice because it hits low though


when i first played dudley when super Came out it took me about an hour to finally get the Overhead combo,its all in the timing and rhythm


how do ppl do overhead combo? cr.lp in between or straight for s.hk?


depends on the matchup. sometimes the s.hk doesnt hit after cr.lp, for example against balrog…
and its easier for hitconfirming. If you can do the 1 frame link consistently AND hitconfirm… then go for it. Personally I always go with the cr.lp, but I am not a good dudley


@Mr.PaVy-RD Wow you got the link down in an hour? Consistently? Maybe it’s b/c I’m a beginner, but I that find that awesomely impressive!


I had the same problem as you. Maybe it was because I was transitioning from Ryu to Duds but I couldn’t get most of bnbs down consistently. Practice makes perfect, and, after a few training sessions, I got his bnb’s down. Now I can punish unsafe moves everytime. So my advice is to practice, practice, practice, until those bnbs become consistent.


Practice is key. It’s incredibly helpful to also put the training dummy on random block to practice hit confirming.

This is my personal opinion but the bnb’s as far as importance goes are

1)cr.lp,cr.lp,st.hk XX
2)fwd.hk,cr.lp,st.hk XX
3)cr.lk,cr.lp,st.hk XX
4)fwd.mk,st.hk XX
5)fwd.mk,st.mp,st.rh XX


Hello-I never post here and probably will never check back, but I was checking the state of the forums for some Dudley matchup experience when I stumbled across this post (also I couldn’t find the matchup tips as everything is convoluted and outdated).

I have been playing Dudley for a long time now and there are several things you need to take into consideration while learning him or you’ll be wasting your time and need to relearn them later.

If you follow these rules to a T then you should be on the right path–but they aren’t easy.

If you’re close enough to use cr.lk or cr.lp, never use cr.lp. This is for two reasons. First, when you cr.lp they can block it either way and you aren’t putting the fear of your high/low mixup into your opponent. Second, you can’t crouch-tech with cr.lp so you’re forcing yourself into bad habits that you’ll exhibit once you finally really understand your character.

Any time you use st.hk you need to be p.linking it. If you aren’t p.linking every single one, you’re making yourself weaker. You should practice p.linking in training until you can do ~50 back to back p.links. There are several tutorial videos, but remember that perfect practice makes perfect. So you need to understand the technique behind it. (I recommend simply putting one finger slightly below the other as they fall)

fwd.hk,cr.lp,st.hk XX combo is a cop-out that will make you do less damage and has the additional downsides of whiffing on opponents further away, and even closely if you hit it meaty enough (even on larger characters). You should practice fwd.hk,st.hk XX combo. It’s difficult, but you have the time to hit confirm it before throwing out exMGB --while learning you may want to simply cancel it into a safer lpMGB.

Dudley has very few zoning tools. This is something most players don’t understand about Dudley. He’s very weak to legitimately good zoning tools. So you have to really master your few decent ones. These are st.hp, fwd.st.hp (unusable against characters with a 2 frame punish), focus attack (unusable against a lot of the cast at higher levels), cr.mk (of which you should always hide a crouch-tech in the input for the Ken matchup), and cr.hk (use very sparingly). Also an honorable mention of fwd.mp as it is a legitimately good poke but you can’t get anything off of it unless you’re too close to make the poke worthwhile. It’s worth noting that cr.mp is not a very good tool to poke with, even though you can buffer a mpMGB to come out, in the same situations you might as well have thrown out a st.hk buffering the exMGB.

Dudley has some pretty flashy combos that use large amounts of meter and do heavy stun. Most of them are useless as they do far less damage and use far more meter than his BnBs. There are some situations where it might be useful to do a exMGB or cr.hk into 3 ex ducking straights followed by ultra, but most of the time the extra stun is not worth the meter.

Dudley has several chain combos. Forget them. They’re useless outside of a couple of particularly flashy combos that do way less damage than they should. You can pick them up again once you’re very strong with the character and want to show off with these inefficient moves.

Dudley likes to get in close and frame trap opponents. Alternate between perfectly timed fwd.mks, cr.lps (at specific ranges), cr.lks (with lp for crouch-techs), st.hks, and occasionally cr.mk or fwd.mp. Most of these you will be able to combo off of every time you get the slightest tap on them, and you can continue your pressure with fwd.mk as it moves you closer. Getting this frame trap game down, and keeping people guessing with it is important. Once you’ve gotten the timing of this down then add in Dudley’s overhead, and learn the spacing for a mkSSB for a frametrap. Do not rely too heavily on cr.lp xx lpMGB as a tool to pressure opponents. It is a good tool and should be used, but it is a low risk and low reward move that will be figured out and will not help you become a better player.

Dudley has few good anti-airs. His st.mk is the quickest and probably the best normal for the task. Use cr.mk or cr.hk if the situation calls for them (cr.hk is great in some matchups, horrific in others). Use cr.hp sparingly, and st.hp or st.hk very rarely. Only use ex CC, or any CC for that matter, if you are positive that they will hit you in the situation (ex: you can see a tatsu coming and they mistimed it) then make sure you put an ultra 2 on the end of the ex CC. His best anti-air is lpJU (srk) which will trade and alow you to do a ducking straight, possibly into ultra 2, or hkJU (srk), or as many ex ducking straights as you have the meter for.

Getting in with Dudley is a delicate process. Against the average player, you’ll merely have to catch one of their normals with a st.hk and your buffered MGB will put you in and near a corner or you can simply spam st.hp against them and they’ll eat massive amounts of damage for nothing. Against better players you’ll have to condition them. Dudley can’t outpoke most of the cast (even though his st.hp is an amazing tool with ridiculous active frames). This is a huge downside for Dudley, but if players know that they can stuff your pokes with their own then that’s what they’ll be focusing on, and you can jump in against them (not over and over, but occasionally) so that they have to focus on more than just one angle of approach. If they’re anticipating a jump then they won’t be as on-point on the ground and vice-versa. The game gets more delicate when they have their ultra up. You can no longer jump at all and have to get in another way. If they’re still trying to stuff your pokes then you have three decent options. You can time an ex.SSB against one of their attacks so that when they try to punish a poke you get in safely. You can ducking straight then FADC. or you can focus through a poke and dash closer (although if the attack they used is cancelable you’ll likely eat a special-canceled attack). Poking their pokes with your cr.mk is possible but very difficult as it starts up after a whopping 7 frames (and although it’s getting faster, it will still be slower than a lot of sweeps).

I ended up getting far more in-depth than I had intended. There’s more to learn about Dudley and he’s a very fun and powerful character. As a final note I’ll say ignore ultra 1, and good luck.


I made the switch to Ultra 1 and never looked back. Besides it being a little more limited in its combo-ability, it offers more opportunity to punish moves. It can punish projectiles, focus attacks, back dashes, and has a pretty solid option select off of meaty cr.lk. I’m surprised it isn’t the go to Ultra for more Dudley players.


I think ultra 1 is invaluable in some match-ups, in fact I use ultra 2 begrudgingly when I feel I must.


I think both ultras are great. I generally choose which one to bring depending on the matchup.


ultra 1 is great