Hope for those transitioning from pad to stick

After months of frustration I have officially graduated from pad to stick.

By this, I mean I am now more comfortable on a stick than with a pad. It took about 4 months in total. Numerous times I almost gave up. Even after I felt somewhat comfortable on a stick, I still could play much better on the pad (PS3 controller) and wondered if I would ever equal or surpass this on the stick.

I stuck in there and eventually upgraded to a TE Round 2 form a cheaper Hori stick. This helped a ton. Anyone who is having trouble with the transition that is not using a quality stick should make the upgrade as soon as possible.

Just today I picked up my copy of Super before going to work. I was anxious to play so I popped it in on my break (I work in the game industry, so we have consoles on hand). I played a few matches with some coworkers using a pad and it felt horrible (the pad, not the game). I just felt crippled on that thing. Can’t wait to get home and play the game the way it was meant to be played.

If your in transition and having doubts, hang in there. I can testify that it will come eventually and when it does it will feel wonderful.

Happy Super Day!

cool story bro
Good Luck!

NICE thread. If I knew how (or could) I would give this thread 5 stars.

Way to go man! I just bought my first stick today and it was an eye-opening experience for sure. But I know that I’ll eventually get the point where it all just clicks. Congrats on getting there!

I made the leap from ps3 pad to fight pad. not quite at stick. lol. this change is already killin my execution. i really wouldnt mind going to stick but 4 months? I’ll stick with pad.

I’ve been using a Hori FS3 for about two days and it already feels pretty great compared to d-pad/keyboard. I’m not flubbing my ultras anymore, and shoryukens in particular are a ton easier, probably thanks to the square gate. I miss the feeling of ruining my thumb, though maybe I can start getting blisters on my other fingers to make up for it :smiley:

I don’t have the money for a TE stick, but is it that big of a difference? I feel proficient already, the only things that give me trouble are linking specials and that’s due to my own lack of skill.

You should get a stick to keep at work

It depends on the person how fast you get used to it.