Hopeless Masquerade - New Official Touhou Fighter!



Thanks to YoYoCheese on DL for the original post

Small talking points:
-There’s a timer now.
-No standing/ground combat shown.
-Meters are different lengths.
-There appears to be some sort of +/- gauge around character portraits (Emotion?).

Hopefully a demo pops up at Winter Comiket?


Hmm, let’s see, but i don’t like too much the new style of draws in the sprites, still just 3 screenshots so i prefer to wait for more.

Damn you beat me to it.

But yeah, Very excited for this. I can’t wait to see this in motion, and how it plays. Plus I want to see who is in it.

No ground combat? Hmm…Wonder if it just seems more Super DBZ-ish with flight/hovering in those screens (SDBZ was already similar to IAMP in a way…)

Was wondering when the next toe hoes was going to be announced though. Donjonathan beer money and all. Hopefully no random element like SWR.

Come on Wriggle, need mf bug and best member of Team 9.

I don’t expect it to go back to IaMP, but im interested in what direction they go with. I hope they keep the whole bullet screen control aspect to it though and how it was less melee focused than pretty much every other fighter. Kept it unique.

No cards. No weather. No shitty limit+scaling (-+N% may be something similar though). Now we’re talkin’

I don’t like the art style. The rest is cool though.

As Chibi said, gimme china.

Neat to see them move away from the SWR style and try something new and I’m all for a sprite overhaul even if there’ll be less characters.
While quite different from each other, both IAMP and SWR/Soku are up there as some of my favorite fighters for their unique and fast gameplay.

Art style is much better than the previous games (still generic moe style, but a step up above them), I hope it plays better than them too because they were quite terrible.

This better come with decent netplay.

Netplay is a given at this point, I just want it to be good.

Everything is speculation at this point, but: to pass the time, I have been looking for older non-traditional fighting games that could be similar to 13.5. Two that came to mind are Astra Superstars and the Psychic Force series, the former of which had a tournament somewhat recently. Its relevance is debatable, but it should sate curiosities in the meantime.

Ooooooo, now this is a nice surprise. Consider this now on my radar. <3 IaMP

Tasofro uploaded their first preview of the game:

Looks like they barely touch the ground this time. Reminds me more of Psychic Force and ASW’s Dragon Ball games on GBA/DS, which I wouldn’t mind at all, if they make it work.

Demo will be out by the next Comiket.

Always with the weird fucking mariachi music…

Looks pretty interesting, I suppose it’s the natural evolution of Touhou-izing a fighter,
first we had IAMP with tons of projectiles, then SWR with lots more air maneuverability and now HM taking place completely in the air.
I like that they added wall and ground bounces, that’s sure to add some interesting possibilities.

Tasofro X Zun Back
Gameplay demo

The Demo release Comiket 83 for only 100 ¥
Oficial Page: http://www.tasofro.net/touhou135/index.html

Thread for this already exists.