Hoping to get some help with Dante

Hi all. I’d like to really get good with Dante but there are a few basic things with him that I can’t grasp for some reason, whether its execution or just something I’m missing and I was hoping I could get some help.

  1. Air Sky Dance to hard knock down. I’ve watched numerous combo videos where people can do it consistently. For me, I get it like 1 out of 20 times. I’ve tried having the opponent a little above me and a little below but I just can’t seem to get a consistent hard knock down from Sky Dance.

  2. Launch - Clay Pigeon - Stinger. I can’t seem to ever get the Stinger to connect. I’ll either do extra bullets for the Clay Pigeon or the Stinger will come out too late and not hit.

  3. I’ve seen some people able to bold cancel teleport in front of a character after Cold Shower - Stinger. Is there a specific timing for this, I always end up behind.

  4. launch - Clap Pigeon(mash) - launch - Clay Pigeon(mash), launch - Clay Pigeon(mash). I can never seem to connect these reps, is there specific timing for this?

I’d appreciate any tips/advice I could get helping me up my Dante game.

It’s actually a ground bounce, not a hard knockdown. Anyways, I believe it either has something to do with height you start at, or where in the skydance your opponent is… Can’t give you much info on this one.

This one is as simple as practicing, there is really nothing else too it. Sorry I can’t help further, it really is a hard timing to learn and get used to.

I believe that only happens when the opponent ends up in the cornerafter the wall bounce and you BC immediately.

The key to this one is to make sure that you launch them the first time with the tip of your sword. Other than that, again, just timing. Keep practicing.

My suggestion is, after hitting S to launch only tap H once, go to neutral. then stinger

if you don’t do it raw. usually you need to have them slightly above the ground to get them at the proper height. Try either [behive kick OR killer bee] > backdash > S, clay pidgeon, stinger.

It is also a bit character specific as the weight and height of the character affects the timing (and sometimes the number of hits from clay pidgeon you need), so you’ll have to experiment a bit

I am still learning Dante but I regularly get on to practice him on the daily so take what I say with a grain of salt

  1. If remember correctly I think it the last hit that does the ground bounce, always.

  2. I personally have the same issue. In my findings using Wolverine as a dummy I notice that in the corner they need to be really high up for it to connect. Mid screen I think I have hit it with pressing :h: like three times and go netural to stinger. Edit: I just saw a video where he only shot once and the stinger landed in the corner so just gotta play with the height when you practice.

  3. When you hit stinger you have the BC and then teleport. The timing is really fast. There happens to be a thread about the execution but your options is :d: +:s::atk: ~ :d:+:s: in one motion or :s::atk: ~:d::d: +:s: quickly. This does not work in the corner, Dante ends up in a very high height that noting will connect with your opponent. A lot of the time if you miss it, it’s usually because you didnt do it fast enough (canceling the jump) or you went :d::df:+:s: by mistake.

  4. I personally never do these on purpose but basically the first launch needs to be as far as possible then depending on the size of hte character you need one or two :h: and on a heavier character more shots to get them a higher but not too many that it pushes them away from your :s:. You just have to keep practicing