Hopping on Team One Eye



Sagat players i’m switching from Bison to this char cause I got my ass kicked with bison at evo. Plus we need more people repping sagat in the top 8.





Graham mothafucking Wolfe.


What made you switch?

I heard you didn’t want to main Sagat because he has a primarily zoning style AND you hate that EVERYONE knows how to fight him?

Also what happened with you and Boxer? No love for him in IV?


I love that people know how to fight against Sagat… that means more competition. That only makes you a stronger/better player. Gimmicks with less known characters can only take you so far.

It’s cool to see that one of the OG ST players has went to the dark side though :rofl:



I think this thread title needs “no homo” in it.


Team one eye does not sound very good to me to be honest.


omg… now this thread does seem so wrong :rofl:


Graham switching to Sagat caused the Bison forums to flood with QQ.

(only partially kidding)


Wow, same reason I decided to switch to Sagat. (no homo)


Graham Wolfe moving to Sagat… welcome :china:


Yo Graham, I played your bison with my sagat from arturo’s house. hit me up on xbl for some boring but needed mirror matches.


It’s weird i find this thread b/c just today I decided to try and switch from bison to sagat. it’s mad dif, b/c sagat is so SLOW and bison’s walk speed and dash speed is so rape. oh well, sagat hits like a fucking BUS.


yeah im so happy with sagat so far, its been 2 weeks and im loving trade uppercut, f+hk, ultra!!! hahah

yeah he does move slow, but god damn he hits so hard and if you are good at fireballing he is fun


i was wondering why you were running sagat in cm.
i always looked forward to fighting your bison.
your sagat is fun too though!

edit - no homo


also, why no sagat in top 8 evo?


sagat players dont bother with the small tournaments.
they keep their eye on the prize!


sagat is just makes winning so much easier


Conform and win, pick Sagat.

Sagat should campaign with Obama. That way, Obama could say, “With Sagat by my side, I will always be able to FADC and destroy our enemies and reform health care. With a reformed health care, we might be able to help our friend Sagat in removing that horrible scar on his chest and giving him a robotic eye.”


I see what you did there.


sagat is monstrously big, has one eye and is bald… shoots all over the place too :confused: