hey guys. i was wondering if someone can link me to anything that might give me a full list of chars that d.mk/hops work on, both in the corner after legs or midscreen after c.hp xx lp shoryu.

thanks :slight_smile:


in the corner they work on everyone, you just have to change timing for some characters and make a tiny step before doing the stomps.
c.hp xx lp shoryu > stomps work on everyone except for guile (2x lp shoryu, 2 stomps, divekick), adon, cody, hakan and dudley (these 3 need 2x mp shoryu, 2 stomps, divekick).
sometimes if you are not up close while doing cr. hp it may be a good idea to press 2x lp shoryu, 2 stomps, divekick, or else your stomps can whiff.


c.HP xx LP SRK > stomps works on Guile and Hakan.


it doesn’t. only after tanden. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Av3rurkKxozfdGloTGxqd0RidkhFSG9ZdFpYbjRvNkE#gid=0
maybe im doing something completely wrong, but im not alone as it seems from the list




ok so i went to the lab and checked it.
the thing with guile is that from up close you can do lp dp x1 > stomps. but if you are blocking his flash kicks, for me its almost impossible to punish it with this setup, so i have to use lp dp x2. hakan is the same, up close its all right, a bit farther - had to use mp dp x2. for example, ryu or viper’s hitboxes allow to do lp dp x1 even from some distance.
maybe we should wait for someone to clear it up.


for lp shoryu x2 > stomps, you can only do 2 stomps into divekick right?


It’s more like you SHOULD do stomp x2 > divekick. You can do three stomps if you want but the divekick won’t connect, and you will lose out on damage and positioning.