Hori 1205-21v1 to hori 1226-11 v1

im trying to switch out my old dead pcb which is a stock hori 2 1205-21 v1 (theres a little 4 next to it, if that means anything) to a hori 1226-11 v1 (big 2 above hori label) pcb. idk how i fried it but i tested to make sure it was the pcb by switching the plug wire with a friends hori, both wires work fine on his hori, both failed on mine.

ive used the search and nothing was specific enough, the setup for the button layout seems to be different on both. on top of that my hori wires are color coded for “simplicity” and both the ground and live wire are one color for each button. start is 2 white wires, select is 2 black, x 2 brown, so on. any help would be appreciated. wires currently still in original place uncut.

ok i found out that the back of the pcb had the button map i needed now my only issue is the wires on my hori dont show which is ground, but the pcb im switching to only has red and black coming out of each button, how do i know which is the ground on the hori 2 button wires?


  If you are saying that the pcb itself has 2 wires for each button coming from the pcb, then i dont know which is which without a wiring diagram for your board in front of me. if this is the case, try googling your wiring diagram up for your model board.

Now, if its just wires coming from the buttons you are asking about, then it doesnt matter which one gets plugged into ground and which one to signal since you are using a hori which comes with either sanwa/seimetsu buttons. so just pick one color and plug them all into ground on the pcb and you’re good.

O.o the wires go from the buttons to the pcb direct.

ah, so you dont know which one is ground or signal on the pcb. ill try googling and see if i can fing your wiring diagram then

on the new pcb i know which is which. theres already red and black wires coming out for each button but my sanwa buttons, which are still hooked up to the old pcb, show nothing as far as which wire is which. im planning on slicing the wires from the buttons(quick connectors) and soldering them onto the new pcb which has red\black wires soldered to it already.

i’m retarded. ive modded horis too which is sad… it doesnt matter which wire goes to which hole. the hori just has 2 holes and the buttons can go to them either way. i promise you though, it doesnt matter. the pcb holes have ground and signal for each button and like i said, the buttons dont have a designated ground or signal prong coming from it… they are interchangable. so either way you want to wire it doesnt matter. they dont have to be the same color to each hole. mix and match them as you want