HORI 360 Fighting Stick EX2 or X-Arcade?


Hello, I’m planning on buying either 2 HORI Xbox 360 Fighting Stick EX2 or the X-Arcade Dual Joystick for me and my brother. I plan on just playing MAME on the pc with either of these, I also plan on not modding either of them. Could someone please give me an opinion on which one would be the best to get? Thanks.


I had an x arcade , I have to say the joystick itself is fantastic very smooth and it does what you want. the down side is that the x arcade is a “keyboard” some times you press the bottons ( not to say al the time ) the pc might freeze and you will have to re start the pc again. its not too bad but this is what you might get I had my x arcade for about 4 years now and I always had the same problem and it lags too.

So I read alot about HOri Sticks and I decided to buy one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Virtua-Fighter-Fighting-Stick-Xbox/dp/B000SKLUW4/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1203508019&sr=8-1 so it must be good.

if you ask me I will have to go for the Gori stick.


May want to check out Arcade In A Box as well.

I have heard some pretty bad things about X-Arcade.


Stay away from X-Arcade.


I have an xarcade tankstik and I love it. People in these forums complain of lag but I have yet to find a review that mentions lag or any evidnce that it does other than random people who probably dont even own one syaing they lag. I do know that the xbox converter lags and I dont think they even make an adaptor for the 360. The parts in the xarcade are identical to happ parts so if you like American arcade cabs and you are using it with a PC the xarcade is great. I also own a hrap2 I personally dont like it verry much. The stick and buttons are too close togeather, and its too light for my liking. It is hovever a verry well made stick and if you like jap parts you will love the hori.


The parts in X-Arcade are not identical to Happ parts. They use knockoffs.

Most of the people who complain about X-Arcade lag use it on consoles. The PS2 PCBs are notoriously poor.


thats probably because anyone who reviews it, is reviewing based on casual arcade gaming.

Please show me a review from a fighting gamers perspective and then you can make such outrageous claims. K?


I’ve had the x-arcade solo for 5 years. I bought it on the words of reviews, and the idea that i could use it on any system. Well it lags like hell on consoles. I bought the DC adapter for it back then, it lagged like hell. It even broke like 6 months after i got it but never bothered to replace it because of the lag. Now for PC it’s fine, i’ve never noticed any lag what so ever. Though mine is the old type that only connect to PS/2, the new ones have a new pcb that connects to usb or PS/2.

They use cheap knockoffs. Mine came with Happ Super imations. The new ones come with Happ Competition fakes. I just replaced mine with a I/L Eurostick (good competiion) and happ competition buttons. And now it’s a real nice joystick.

If you really want one, get the Tankstick, not the dual. As the dual is to close together and it’s not comfortable to play 2 people. My friend has a Tankstick and we’ve never noticed any lag thru USB. But the stock parts are still shit.

If you want a japanese style stick you could get HRAP 3’s. works on PS3 and PC


I don’t know, I got one of the new revisions a couple months ago and I don’t really notice anything. I even use it with the pelican converter and there really isn’t any noticeable lag.

…Of course I still use my Sanwa stick a WHOLE lot more and I hardly even look at the xArcade anymore.

By the way, Welcome Back Shoo. We Missed You.


Hori ex2 > X-arcade


they both arnt that great but by far hori ex2 is better than X-arcade. like Imitrex said go to arcade in a box. you can get a quality joystick for 150. or check out any custom stick builder.

OR check out mas. if you order from them make a call and go directly to mas, no middle man.

if this helps. http://www.gamer20.com/features/205


Hows that PP stick working out for ya? Dying to get it?? I’d probably be checking my Mail everyday like some hungry dog.


Does your’s have the USB and PS/2 connection? my friend with the tankstick got the Xbox adapter before I told him it lagged, and he says it dosen’t. but I haven’t checked myself yet.


The USB connection is only available via an Adapter, they all come with a PS/2 and serial adapter, which the console and USB adapter connects too. But i have the one I just described. I personally don’t notice any lag, but the difference could be in the games that I play. I played almost all the games that are played here, but played DR more. I didn’t notice anything with CVS2/MVC2, but maybe since I played DR more which doesn’t have the timing specifics and such I didn’t notice.


I didnt say they were happ parts I said they are identical. I know this would never happen but I guarantee if I put an xarcade dual in front of you one side with a real happ comp and the other side an xarcade stick you couldn’t tell me which is which. The buttons may be a different story because the xarcade ones are verry concave. But if you hold both happ parts and xarcade parts in your hand they are 99.5% the same. I defy anyone to show me a real difference. Its like comparing bud light in a can to bud light in a bottle, there is a difference but really there is not. I pluged in a hrap2 and the xarcade with a ps2 adaptor ant there is no timing difference.


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