HORI 360 SCV Shell?


Hey gang, hope this is in the right area, because it is of a techy nature.

Is there a way, or does anyone know where I can acquire an empty shell for a HORI Soul Calibur V stick for the 360? Sufficed to say I need to replace mine. The innards all work, I just need to put them in a new home. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!


Why do you need the Hori SCV stick? Your parts will work with any shell.


I’m not a modder. I don’t know how to modify another shell. Plus I have artwork and a plexi on this stick. Would just be easier for me to transfer to a new shell.


Hori just sent me their standard “I’m Screwed” letters, so it looks as though the easiest route would just to be get a new stick.

Thanks for… well nothing really, but thanks for reading anyway.


Whats screwed on your stick?