Hori and mad cats soul calibur 5 fightsticks. Which is better?

So my friend and I are looking to invest in fightsticks. We are both fairly new players but ready to learn/ love to waste money. We are trying to between the hori and mad catz soul calibur 5 fightsticks and just trying to see which is better in the long run. Is the hori worth the extra price or should we just stick with the $100 mad catz ? Any help deciding would be appreciated. If you need any more info just ask

The MadCatz SOUL Edition has a special layout just for Soul Calibur V, so you might want to take that into consideration.

They’re both really good IMO. Both solid sticks. Can’t really go wrong with either.

I own the madcatz and like it a lot, although as d3v said it had a special layout. However if you’re comfortable opening the stick and moving some buttons it’s pretty easy to swap over to a standard layout, and I believe they’re still on sale for $80 through madcatz

I can’t speak for the Hori one but 4 months ago I picked my Madcatz SCV and love the ease of modding it. It comes with Sanwa arcade grade parts, so not a whole lot to upgrade. I remapped the wires as was mentioned to the type A layout. I changed out my gate insert to an octagon, picked up some buttons (for color cause the standards were a great upgrade to my SE stick) and a gold 1.0 oversized actuator and PAS 3 lbf spring. Putting a PS360+ in it now, so I’ll let ya know how that goes.

hello guys, between Soul Calibur V Fightstick and SFXT Pro fightstick, which one is better? i’m decided to choose between two of them, but i lack of knowledge and experience in this field. you guys can consider me as newbie… i hope someone will help me. ty

I prefer the button layout used in the SCV stick. But both are very good.

I personally prefer the SCV stick. It feels “less cheap” than the SFxT Pro.

If you’re interested in customizing it later, the SCV stick is TE based, so you’ll have a lot of options when the time comes. I also happen to like the Noir layout. I already have a TTT2 stick, although the SCV stick has the weird XBox layout instead of having the ABXY together like the TTT2 stick does. That of course can be easily rearranged though.