Hori Arcade Pro PS2 Coverter for PS3

Hi Guys,

I have a Hori Arcade Pro for the PS2 (http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-m-77-l-49-en-15-hori-70-5w3.html) and I was wondering if this is compatible with the PS3 via a converter?

I have already tried using this joystick on the PS3 via the Smartjoy (http://www.orang3.net/store/welcome/smartjoy.html) PS2 -> PC (USB) converter with not much luck. :sad: It seems the PS3 picks up the buttons on the HRAP, however the stick doesn’t seem to register at all with the PS3.

The Smartjoy converter does work fine on my pc though !

Has anyone managed to get one of these joysticks to work with the PS3 successfully ? I really do not want to shell out another 80+ for another HRAP ! :sweat:

Get an inPin

Ahh this looks good, thanks for the Tip! Do you know where I can get it from? Cant seem to find on sale for the UK…

Look for the SRK member “laugh.”



guys, will drop him a pm…just increasing my post count so I can send PM messages !

he has a thread in the trading outlet, you could ask him there for one…