Hori Arcade Stick Help

Ok, I bought the Hori LE Tekken 6 stick from Pawn America. The USB Flash Drive looking reciever is broken, the metal tongue that sticks out has pulled off, I cannot think of how to get it fixed if possible, if I cant, is it possible to sell the stick itself for parts? Its in perfect shape other than the wireless reciever. Also found out Hori wont fix it because it came from a third party reseller. I paid 64 dollars for it. If anyone on here knows where i can send it to fix it or trade it towards a new stick id appreciate it. Thanks to any and all responses in advance.

hey those sticks arent worth reselling talking from experience as for fixing it. Can you take pictures sounds like a simple fix but your definately gonna need some soldering skills. Pm me if anything.

yes pics would be nice