Hori Arcade Stick Mod

As you may already know, Hori makes a good arcade stick for Xbox 360. It does have some problems with it, though. I’ve written a tutorial on how to fix some of those issues, such as the sloppy handling of the joystick, and how to replace the ball top with a bat top.

If you want to check them out you can find them here:

Hori Arcade Stick Mod Part I

Hori Arcade Stick Mod Part II

Did you get that from the Xbox Forums?

The Idea for it.

Ah uber, didn’t know you could put a bat top on so easily

No, I didn’t go to the Xbox Forums. But, I did have to do some research to figure out what parts to use.

The tutorial that I put together is an easy and cost effective way to mod the Hori Arcade Stick. And the technique would be the same for the Hori DOA and Virtua Fighter Arcade Sticks.

You dont have to use pliers to unscrew the ball, you could just use a flat head at the base of the shaft and unsrew the ball. You can also add one of these JLF-CD Shaft Cover & Disk

Just to make it a solid look, you would have to try the Shaft cover though.

Here is a pic of what mine looked like. With the shaft cover.

That’s interesting. Yes, you’re right that you can do it with a screwdriver as well, but you have to open up the controller. That’s not a big deal.

I also got a shaft cover and disk. I’ll have to try those out. Thanks for mentioning that. Maybe I’ll put a pic of it up when it’s done.

Some people also swap out the entire joystick for a complete Sanwa model. It’s a little more expensive though. They also change the buttons out for Sanwa’s. I’m going to leave all of that alone unless they break from wear and tear.

Yes, here it is. Same Stick with a complete Sanwa Overhaul. Happs I think won’t fit.

The Stick is a JLF, with the Sawna shaft.

You’re absolutely right. The Happs are too long. Too bad, though. I like the Happs buttons. I have some in my Mame arcade machine.

I like the Ryu CPO on your controller. Very cool.

Here’s a pic of my controller with the JLF-CD Shaft Cover & Disk. It’s pretty much like the pic you have above. I did have to trim the shaft cover down about a 3/4" with my dremel. But it does look more professional. And I used a flathead to tighten it that time. It made more sense, thanks.