Hori Arcade Stick Question

I bought a Hori V3 a while ago but after a few months the cable was damaged. There are too many individual wires and they’re too small for me to be bothered soldering everything back together, so recently I’ve been wondering how difficult it would be to get a replacement for the cable. If I can’t buy the cable individually, then what stick can I take it from that uses the same cable (hoping to find a broken stick somewhere to buy cheap). The stick itself was only 70 dollars back when I bought it, so my price range is fairly limited.

Any USB cable with the standard USB type a Male end is fine. The other end does not matter as you will be cutting that off.
You can get USB cables cheap on monoprice.com. Make sure your USB cable is at 8 to 15 feet long.

Here is a Video by a SRK member how to repair/replace USB cables.