HORI - Arcana Heart 2 Stick - April 9th, 2009

Hori just announced upcoming preorders for the Arcana Heart 2 Stick on their Horistore site.

Check it out…

Wow already sold out! :confused:

Do you have the Otomedius Gorgeous stick? Are you going to get the Death Smiles one?

Is Hori going to ever choose between the Sanwa / Seimitsu 1P side or the Seimitsu 2P side panel layout? Why do they keep flipping between the two?

Malibu Stacy has a new hat!

Looks like a HRAP with art :P.

Was this a serious post?

I find it hilarious that a straight guy would want this.

Finally, a fight stick for my wife!

Who am I kidding, she’d never use that. She loves her Tekken 5 stick tho!

It would be nice to pick up for the white HRAP housing, or if you are a really hardcore arcana fan I guess. I still would prefer getting T5s over this, same layout, cheaper in a lot of cases, you just have black that you can repaint white.

I have the Otomedius G stick (so expensive -_-) and I might get the Death Smiles one… I really need to get a JPN 360 to make these purchases more worthwhile. I’m expecting the Death Smiles bundle to set me back 300+ too… :lame:

Those silly flamboyant Japanese.

I had a chance to play Death Smiles at an arcade in Austin,TX www.arcadeufo.com and I also want the shmups Japan is getting for our 360 in the US. Death to region protection I say! :rofl: Man you are spending some serious cash. :wow: It’s still nothing compared to what the actual arcade pcb kits cost though. OUCH! :rofl: Also at www.planet-zero.com in Houston, TX I had a chance to play Castle of Shikigami III it’s to bad I don’t have a Wii cause I’d get that one in a heart beat.

is that Loli-hearts fighter any good?



Wow, 100% hit combo’s [media=youtube]pkj1rxk7IR0[/media]

Damn this game looks cheesy. Thank god for SF.

I alllmost bought the first Arcana Heart HRAP - I decided I wanted a new HRAP2, and at the time, it was the only new HRAP available at retail I had access to. I decided not to get it, and a few months later Hori announced the PS2 HRAP2:SA. So glad I waited. The pink and hearts art would have been awkward to explain to my wife.

Fiona mayfield is the goddess of war!

wait wait.

They changed where the buttons are!

The placement is more like the TE stick then the HRAPS.

Look at the last two buttons!

Well, at least the box is nice. That shit is really bright.

I’d still get it, though. Need another stick.

I think you got it backwards.