Hori Blazblue Fighting Stick

EDIT by MarkMan:

Here’s the picture…

I searched but didn’t found anything.


Anyone has any other info on this?

Also it seems the PS3 version cost more.

Edit - Play-asia reports it as 2.60 kg when the ex2 is at 1.60 kg.

It looks nice, but it’ll probably be the same as all licensed Hori HRAPs. So don’t expect it to be full on/easily customizable like the HRAP3.

There’s also an xbox 360 version, so i placed my order.
I wanted an HRAP for 360, but the ebay prices are crazy…
$157 shipped with fedex, ups or EMS.
I’d like to see some pics, there’s nothing even on google…
Is it easily moddable?the same as the HRAP EX?

Sure that isn’t a typo, or do all HRAP-like models weigh that much as well?

blah probably yet another release of the ex2 fight stick

Considering its titled a Fighting Stick and not a RAP would probably make it like the T5 or Capcom Fighting Jam stick.

Isin’t it a little bit risky to place your order (over $150.00) on a product you have no information on?


Under the “further information”

“Shipping Weight 2.5 kg”

When you actually place your order it shows as 2.60 kg.

Didn’t order though, i just check it to see how much it costs with shipping.

Ninja Edit - WTF?! It seems that they just removed the weight info. Well you can place an order and check it to be sure or wait for someone else to clarify this.

Ninja Edit 2 - It seems that the info is back again. Because i am going crazy here i give up lol.

Blazblue only has 4 buttons right??

So is it a normal HRAP with an artwork??or 4 button HRAP??

EDIT: ^^nevermind…posted same time… :smiley:

From the poster Markman posted (no pun intended) i understand now why the 360 version is cheaper.

Lol why didnt they make HRAP for both systems??Probably beacuse of HRAP EX2??

I mistakenly though they did make an HRAP for both system…i had seen the ps3 version but not the 360 yet.
I’ve to cancel the order now, and wait for the “death smile HRAP”…
I confirm the weight for 360= 2.50 kg with fedex.

I actually saw this earlier and was looking for information too. I don’t understand why the PS3 gets a HRAP and why the 360 gets a EX2 :[

Thanks for supporting the 360 Hori. :tdown:

The console is quickly rising even in Japan, and they have to know how quickly these joysticks are selling in the US. Wonder why it’s so tricky for some Japanese companies to see outside their borders. Even game developers over there are finally noticing the US is giving them the big $$$.

Actually, the 360 is selling less than the PS2 in Japan, but regardless, they still could have made a HRAP EX Blazblue stick.

Well, the EX2 has its fans though. So it’s not a total loss. I think a lot of people just want to get any stick these days. So no foul I guess. (Rising, implies increasing sales, not top sales. They aren’t selling less systems year after year, on the contrary. This was all I meant by that.)

4 buttons though eh? Would be prime for KOFXII as well.

Psh! Time to insert self appreciation!


Yeah… It’s an SE not a Hori. Made the design myself, and if you like Blazblue and the design I can definitely give you my design :D. I find the SE to be easier to mod and a better choice in shape, so if you just want an image it’s not difficult to switch it out :smiley:

Not bad, though…it’d make more sense if the art was the other way around.

Then the character would have to be sized down and the joystick would probably take up a lot of space of the art.