HORI buttons how bad are they?

i’m planning to buy a blazblue hrap for my ps3 by this week and i heard/read it’s the best there is, but i got confused after reading the reactions here on shoryuken.com is it really that unresponsive? so it’ll be a waste of money just to buy the sticks?

isnt it not just hori buttons but also hori buttons that are soldered to the pcb so you have a hard time swapping them?
after i swapped my hori buttons out of my hrap3 i made a stick out of those buttons and another left over lever i had and it feels awful in comparison.

i mean using them perse. just the buttons. i know the blazblue one is solded and i dont want to thinker with it anymore. would it be just fine using the HRAP3 without changing anything?

i’d rather use a pad.

Mean, in comparison the hori buttons suck monkey balls compared to sanwa/seimitsu buttons. But they are decent and will last alittle while before they stat to stick. As long a you have a jlf and hori buttons youll have a good starter stick.

yeah, you won’t notice too much of a difference starting off,
it’s still a great stick hori buttons or no

Hori buttons > Madcatz SE buttons.

Hori buttons aren’t as good as Sanwa buttons, but they’re still plenty good! Buy it! :woot:

thanks for the input will try to find a HRAP3 SA which i heard have an easier way to swap the buttons to sanwa ones

The HRAP 3 SA already has Sanwa buttons, that’s what makes it an SA and that’s why it’s a bit more expensive (120 $).
The normal one (HRAP 3, 100 $) does not have Sanwa buttons.

It really just becomes a matter of preference and what you’ve been accustomed to. The thing is if you’ve never touched a Sanwa or Seimitsu button you’d probably never see anything wrong with stock Horis. I don’t consider them horrible, nor do I consider them great. I just think of them as uh… buttons?

My first Japanese stick was all Sanwa so I guess I was kind of spoiled from the start. I just thought the Hori buttons took too much effort to press and didn’t have the reponse I’m used to. Long story short, I’m modding my Hori Wii Fighting Stick with a Sanwa JLF and buttons.

thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Is this correct?

It’s the goddamn truth, Madcatz SE buttons are ass.

I took one of them apart and you know what I saw in it? A fuckin’ spring and metal ball.

Shit’s GHETTO.

Ever tried taking apart a Sanwa button switch? You’ll see the exact same things in there.

Yes, for sure the Mad Catz Microswitch is Spring and Ball.
I saw.

But the Sanwa SW-68 Microswitch is Spring and Ball too:


Sanwa SW-68 Microswitches are in the standard OBSF-30, OBSN-30, OBSF-24, OBSN-24, OBSC-30, OBSF-40 and the special shaped Buttons.

Sanwa RS-SG Microswitches however, do not use Ball, but Spring and Magnet:



Sanwa RS-SG Microswitches are in the OBSF-30RG, OBSN-30RG, OBSC-30RG and OBSF-40RG.

Switch-based hori buttons operate exactly the same way too.

I have the HRAP3 SF4 and HRAP3sa, the blazblue stick is the same as the sf4 HRAP3. Soldered cables (not the plug type) and crappy hori buttons.

If you are not very picky, the hori buttons do the job, although not a very good job. They are quiet resistant and require a bit more effort and strength to hit.

If i were you, id forget about the blazblue version and just get the standard HRAP3 which has the plug type cables for the buttons which make modding alot easier if you dont want those buttons later if you feel the need. On the other hand, you will be losing the wonderful graphic but you can always mod a grahpic yourself! (there are wonderful tutorials and resources here on the forums as well as a youtube video by phil)

If you want to save yourself all the trouble and dont mind spending the extra cash, just get the HRAP3sa which includes the 8 sanwa buttons and is also very mod friendly.

ps SA actually means Special Addition, although i think they intended it to be Special Edition.

No, Hori did not intend the Special Addition to be Special Edition.

The Special Addition is SA variation of HRAP; those have Sanwa Parts.
The Special Edition is SE variation of HRAP; those have Seimitsu parts.

SA being Special Addition; Sanwa.
SE being Special Edition; Seimitsu.

You see in HRAP SA-nwa?
You see in HRAP SE-imitsu?

I just noticed I repeated two times.

SA being the first two letters of sanwa
SE being the first two letter of seimitsu