Hori Command Stick + JLF mini guide

Been a lurker for many years, just thought I’d share how the mod for the Hori Command stick goes.

Basically the Command stick chassis seems to be exactly the same as the FS3 (and other variants) apart from the button layout and the button programming parts. The stick mount looks to be the same from other threads.

The mod was actually very simple a straight forward (compared to the Agetec anyway :slight_smile: ) the holes all line up and all you do is drill stuff.

So just find a drill bit that is slightly larger than the screw mounts and drill right through then cut off any plastic bits with a razor to make the surface as flat as possible. You can see the screw mount sitting snugly in the re-sized hole. And cut off the 2 side tabs with whatever you have (I just used small side cutters) and clean up the cut with a razor too.


You can see here the screw goes right though the switch


When you clip in the gate you will find there are 4 holes that also line up with the switch and the screw mount so find a drill bit the same size as the screw and drill it though. See how they all line up.


Just screw everything in and the mounting is done.


Here is the wiring which is really simple. If you mounted the loom on the stick the same way I did then you can follow the wire colours exactly.


All done! It literally took me 30mins from start to finish.


I didn’t encounter any grinding on the base plate, maybe it was because others didn’t clean up the drilling so the stick wasn’t sitting fully flush. Or maybe the Command stick is slightly different to the FS3.

I also liked the slightly increased height of the stick, it sits in a much more natural position for quick movements.