Hori commander 4's pcb to make a fightstick


hello there. i want to buy an hori commander 4. take the pcb. solder some sanwa’s joystick and button and use it on ps4. someone know if it should work.

Fighting commander 4 for fighting stick

It’ll work fine, it’s in the PS4 third party padhacks thread.


thanks for answer. i was not sure if just with that pc. it will work or if a dual mod was needed.


All current PS4 controllers should work on a PC just fine.
3rd party PS4 controllers should work on PC in both PS3 and PS4 modes.

What system you need to make your stick for?


i want to use the commander 4’s pcb. solder joystick and button to use it on ps4 as fight stick. just want to be sure it will work before buy the commander 4.


FC4 will work on PS3, PS4 and PC just fine. I recommend keeping it in PS4 mode, since it lags much less than PS3 mode.