Hori compact joystick?

I found a strange version of Hori arcade joystick on ebay:


I want to buy one of these but I dont know if this joystick is genuine or fake, and I cant find any review of this joystick on internet. The description on ebay says that this model was released wayback late 90’s.

Someone already tested this joystick, and can say if its a good deal? Im from brazil and I found one of these very cheap, so thats why I’m asking here.



They are real. Someone was playing with a blue one at a tournament this past weekend. It was EXTREMELY small, lol!

played on one back in the day. the stick itself is decent, felt like a hori stick but a little more dinky and weak, probably because the smaller case. the buttons are very subpar. they felt flimsy and didnt feel very responsive. they dont use the familiar plunger/socket formula sticks generally have.

just a novelty/gimmick stick imo.

Not fake.
It came out in July of 1998.

can we put sanwa parts in that lol

it’s moddable? because the product that i will bought probably is very very old, and the buttons may be replaced with new ones.

Wonder if 24mm seimitsus will work on that.

I have one.

I played on it occasionally just for fun. Basically, it’s too small! you don’t have enough space to rest your hands, and the buttons are waaaaay to small, so if you are used to an arcade cab panel with 30mm buttons, you’ll mess up button inputs all the time.

Everything is moddable, but there is not enough space in there to fit a JLF, and the buttons are 24mm (or even smaller, I am not sure), so I guess you can forget about sanwa parts.

The PCB is useless as well.

You can get it just for fun, and to play maybe some shmups on mame casually, but forget it for fighting games comp!

I decided to not buy this one…i already ordered this arcade stick:

very cheap (U$ 52, free shipping) and big enough to rest my hands…

Thanks for the reviews =)

Looks like it wouldnt be hard to stick some 30mm buttons and a jlf in there. Wonder how the pcb is.