Hori Compatability

I’m new to the forums and I’m not sure if this has been asked yet or not, but are the PS3 HORI Fighting Sticks compatible with the PS2. I don’t have a PS3, but I do have a PS2 and I can’t seem to find any HORI controllers for sale that were meant for the PS2. If anyone knows could you tell me? Thanks a lot guys!

Nope. Best bet would be to find an HRAP (Hori Real Arcade Pro) 1 or 2. Hori Tekken 5 sticks work as well.

Thanks, but that is my problem they do not make anymore HRAP1 or 2 anymore. I can only find HRAP3 and maybe if anyone knows where to find the older models could you help.

I know Hori’s re-releasing their HRAP 2 in a week or two. Just hold out until then.

hrap2 is scheduled to be rereleased on sept. 27 i believe, take a look on somewhere like play-asia for more details though according to their site they’re getting it in stock on oct. 12; actually while we’re at it, anyone heard any word on what it’s expected to retail for when it hits and are there any online shops that’ll be stocking it earlier than october?

and of course you could always buy a hrap3 and put in the guts from an old playstation controller, that sort of thing seems to be fairly common now and there should be some guides on it or at least some people in ear’s reach on here and/or IRC who are knowledgable enough to answer any questions on the process

check play-asia or keep looking in the trade forum. they pop up now and then.