Hori Dead Alive 5 Arcade Stick Custom Artwork -PLEASE HELP

Have been looking everywhere for a template for my Xbox 360 Hori Dead Alive 5 Arcade Stick so I can create some new art for it but have ended the search with no luck. Have not been able to find a website that creates them either. Anyone that could provide a template or would be interested in being contracted to do an artwork sheet for me for my stick let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks much in advance!

If I’m not mistaken, this stick is the same as the Hori Pro N3 SA (sold in Japan), which has also been released here in the states as the Hori Soul Calibur V and TTT 2 sticks This Hori DOA5 fight stick review on iplaywinner seems to confirm that all three are based on the same stick.They all feature the Start button in the upper right hand corner with a lid to cover it.

That being the case, Art Hong should have you covered here. This plexi/art should fit your stick.

The template for the Hori SCV stick is on this page, about halfway down the page.

Just stumbled upon this website a couple minutes ago… Thank you very much. Will be submitting an order this week.

@Driv3r47 - Oops, my bad! I read a little more into that article, and while it is the same stick, the button layouts are different! The DOA stick uses a Sega layout, while the SCV and TTT2 sticks ( as us usually the case it seems with Namco licenses sticks) uses the Noir layout. That being the case, I don’t think that Art’s plexi will be an identical match due to the slight difference in button layout.

Sorry about that, but I’m glad I found that little detail right away! That being the case, I’m surprised that Art didn’t add an option for the DOA button layout. :?

Okay, back to square 1… :confused:
I have already removed the metal faceplate and the adhesive/decal from it. Now I’m stuck with a $150 stick and no art. Anyone else out there have any suggestions. I would gladly commission someone to do this project for me but have had no takers. I was hoping to get the artwork and plexi done for under $50… You would think there would be a website or some individual out there that did stuff like this with as many people that have interest in having these custom sticks made.

There is, he just currently doesn’t support the DOA Hori layout, only the SC5 one.

The person in question is Art from www.tek-innovations.com. You can try dropping him an email, see if he’ll do a one-off for you, maybe if you send him all the measurements. The metal panels are the same dimensions, just the button placement is changed, so it probably won’t be terribly difficult with the right measurements.

I agree - if you can get in touch with him, maybe you can work something out with him where you can send him your stick, he can take the measurements needed to properly place the Sega button layout, you can finally get a plexi for your stick, and Art can sell plexis for the Pro N3 SA/DOA stick. :slight_smile:

Being that it’s so close to EVO though, he might not be able to do it until after… He’s probably stacked with orders this time of year.