Hori Dead or Alive 5 joystick listed


I don’t know if it’s accurate to say “announced” but this joystick has been listed on Play-Asia’s website for both PS3 and XBox 360 – http://www.play-asia.com/Dead_Alive_5_Stick_for_PS3/paOS-13-49-en-70-5251.html

Release date is late September, currently the 27th.

It’s a reuse of the Noir cabinet that Hori debuted with Hori’s Soul Calibur V joystick…

What shocks me though is the PRICE! I wonder if it’s a Japanese Hori Store/US exclusive OR has Hori raised joystick prices??? The listing price for this joystick (likely NOT to be that popular) is $250!!!


I LOVE that they are making more use of that noir stick, imo one of the more solid, and better designed sticks they have.
Also, I don’t really trust Play-Asia pricing, some items there are known to have inflated prices (although this shouldn’t be the case for new products)

[S]I was about to grab one the SCV ones, but if this comes with an alternative housing color (i doubt it), guess ill wait for this instead.[/S]

edit - im blind, lol, same black case, oh well


They’re up on Amazon, with a much more reasonable price.




always wondered if US amazon acct will work with JP nozama. i have prime so it would be so friggin awesome if i could get 2day shipping free from JP. heh heh


Sorry it wont work if you want stuff from amazon jp you have to go through 3rd party


Looks like it has Hori buttons judging from the picture that d3v posted.


but… the pictures’ fotoshooopd

dang balls. oh well, wont be tempted to get one then. no room for it anyway… or money for that matter.


You’re right it is. Still looking at that picture, I’m hoping it has the new Hori buttons because their crappy breakable buttons have those colors. I wish Sanwa or Seimitsu could have that green color…

[edit] I don’t understand why they would go with white buttons on the ps3 version. I actually prefer the required microsoft rainbow colored buttons than all white. I also thought Dead or Alive was a shoot em up game…(sarcasm) If the case was ANY other color I’d be super excited about this stick.


item description says sanwa parts

and oh, im pretty sure they had those dark green colors S[/S] at some point

my mistake they were actually seimitsu’s (along with some other funky uncommon colors)



navy blue and … puke blue?! sign me up