Hori DOA4 360 stick issues

A mate of mine gave me his Hori 360 stick to have a look at today to see if I can fix it. As far as I know it was working one day and not the next. When you plug it into the 360, the four quadrant lights flash a couple of times and that’s it. Weird thing is, it seems to work fine on the PC.

Anyone know what this could be or if it’s an easy fix. I’d say the fault is somewhere in the PCB.

The Microsoft security chip probably failed. You can padhack and replace the PCB I guess, but at that point you might as well mod the whole thing and add Sanwa parts.

I had a funny feeling it might’ve been in the security chip. He’s not going to bother going to the expense of replacing the PCB, stick and buttons as he’s got a TE coming.

Thanks for the help.