HORI DoA4 stick problem

Hoping someone might be able to advise me on an issue here.

My DoA4 stick had been performing fine, but I went to hook it up to play on it tonight and instead of the 360 immediately recognizing it as always, the guide button on the DoA4 stick just blinks (all 4 lights). It never syncs to one of the player lights. No matter how many times I restart my 360 or unplug and plug it back in, it does the same thing.

I didn’t do anything to it, nor has it been stored harshly. It’s never done it before. is it dead?

Try pressing the Guide button after plugging it in, if that doesn’t do anything read on…

I’ve seen this a lot now on the Wireless 360 Headsets and on a couple of Wireless controllers. There’s a Security IC (SIC) in any 360 peripheral and it seems to be going bad in a ton of Wireless headsets and Wireless controllers, I haven’t had any wired controllers though with the problem of not syncing, so I haven’t nailed that problem down just yet. If that IC is bad it isn’t going to connect to the 360 at all, though it could be something else for sure, like the main IC in the thing as I’ve seen that on the Wireless controllers go bad as well, but the SIC is what I’d guess right off and try swapping first. The rub there is you’d need another Hori board to get the thing from to even see as they aren’t interchangeable between other controller versions and ya really need a hot air rework setup to swap them and would for sure would if it were the main IC. Try the thing out on the PC and see how it acts there and post those results.

If it’s dead on the PC it’s dead, if it still works fine on the PC I’d say that SIC is to blame. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a few of the Hori boards floating around here that ya could pick up from someone. I have one here from a DOA4 stick I converted with a Wireless controller for a guy and I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s done that. :wink: If you’re in the US and would like it looked into more shoot me a PM about it, be interesting to see what it’s problem really is.

Understood. Yea, I connected it to my PC last night and the computer never mentioned that it was connected and it continued blinking like it did on the 360.

I suppose it’s dead, then?

That’d be pretty disappointing for a peripheral that has gotten so little use (easily less than 5 hours).

That’s how some electronics are though, abuse it and it dies right off or lasts about forever, rarely touch it and ya get the same results, it’s what makes some of it right interesting, as well as a pain, to work on. :wink:

If the PC isn’t detecting it either I’d say it’s shot.


I guess there’s a reason i was in the market for a custom stick or HRAP 3 :smiley: