Hori DOA5 stick wont work with emu


I just received my doa5 stick that i want to use for emulators on pc, but it wont work!
I installed the xbox360 controller drivers for windows…
strange thing is it works perfect with sf x tekken… but nothing with emu…
when i try to redefine keys it does nothing… or with neorage x its glitches thinking im holding up all the time…
Anyone know how to fix this maybe? would be really nice otherwise i have to return it…


Which Emulators? Also you have to set each input in the emulator manually for each button and direction.


for the most Nebula, winkawaks, neorage x…
And yeah, but it doesn’t respond at all… or in neorage it thinks im pushing up all the time…


The fact that it works with SfxT is weird, because I used to have one that I used for all of my PC gaming…


Some emulators have weird joystick setups…
There’s also occasionally a problem with joypad converters, too, with certain types of PCB’s.

I have a Magic Box 3-in-1 converter I bought around 6-7 years ago (or more) that I used to play fighting games on Mac’s and PC’s. For whatever reasons, it works well with Sega Saturn pads but not so much with PS2/Hori joystick PCB’s. It acts flaky with those… I’d have to reboot the emulators twice to get them to work properly so that I could setup the 30mm buttons the way I wanted for playing games. I could get most buttons to register the way I wanted the first two times around but NOT ALL until I the third time! It behaved this way on both the Mac (OS X) and Windows (XP). It’s a pain-and-a-half! Much, much simpler just to use a PS3-compatible (Cthulu/MC Cthulu PCB) joystick than a PS2 controller with that old converter. (I admit I haven’t tested a PS2 controller with the USB Cables-for-PC converter to sell how well that converter works but it’s something I intend to do in the near-future. I know Cables-for-PC works very well with the PS3 at least!)

For certain emulators like MAME and the Vanguard Princess Game, you have to be sure to check the “Joystick” box otherwise your lever will not register at all for use in those games. (In most cases where there is no optional “Joystick” controller box to check, the joystick works like a joypad by default. You may still want to double-check to be sure that the directions register correctly with the computer. You can never completely generalize these things with PC’s because programmers tackle problems in many different ways.) With home console emulators , you have to set up the buttons first prior to loading the ROM’s of the games. I generally go default system set-up as I remember it OR SF II set-up (which is most convenient for fighting games, general gameplay on 16-bit and up systems).

With Vanguard Princess, I spent a long while trying to figure out controller setup so that I could use a joystick with it… It wasn’t until I checked a bit closer and saw that there was a “Joystick” box to check that it solved my controller issues. I thought I had to use Joy2Pad or Xpadder to get my arcade stick to work with that game! Game Options were still in Japanese prior to the game bootup… and I had loaded the Kanji symbol pack AND English-patched version of the game, too!

For fighting games on MAME, you have to press “Tab” key to enter into the game setup AFTER loading the ROM and choose “General” control configuration to set up your controller for every MAME game OR go into “Specific/This Game” to set up controls for one game. Since I generally only play fighting games, again, I use the SF II setup in MAME and save a “General” control configuration.

It’s those nitpicky/buggy situations like this that make me laugh at those computer snobs that sneer at consoles and say personal computers are better for gaming. There are about a billion more things that can go wrong on a multi-use computer than a console peripheral wise. It can take a while to puzzle out WHY things don’t work on a PC or you spend half a day looking on the web to see if other people have suffered the same issues and if there’s ANY fix to your problem!


@GeorgeC thanks man good info!!
i tried Mame also but no luck… xpadder doesnt respond also…but i just downloaded Final burn and with that it works normal…
I think im better of with a Quanba stick its its to much hassle this way…
Its exaclty what you say with pc you can do a lot but al with problems usually :frowning:
Do you maybe know what console xbox360/ps3 does the best support for emulators (cps1/2 neogeo)?


My TE and Hori DoA5 stick both work fine with GGPO… so yeah… :-/


i don’t know GGPO… its an online emulator? any good?


It uses Final Burn Alpha, which will read CPS1,2,3 and NeoGeo games. I think it can read more too, but I’m not sure. I like it, though it runs Super Turbo at the wrong speed / resolution.


Ahh yes nice, final burn seems to be the best with the sticks…